How To Activate Lucky Sim Card? [Activation Process]

Lucky Mobile is a well-known mobile service company in Canada. They provide low month-to-month plans. If you are a new user and need to activate Lucky sim card then follow the discussed detail procedure.

As Lucky Mobile is a subsidiary of Bell Canada and a prepaid mobile virtual network provider in Canada. Lucky Mobile, which launched in December 2017, is a Bell Mobility company that works alongside Virgin Plus. However, You become a user and know how to activate Lucky SIM card. So let’s get started.

Different Methods for Lucky SIM Card Activation

Many users purchase Lucky new SIM card, but they don’t know the lucky sim card activation process. So here we have shared some different methods which will help you to activate Lucky SIM card.

  • Lucky SIM card activation via official website
  • Contact Lucky Customer Service Center
  • Visit Lucky Near By Store
  • Order Lucky pre-activated SIM Card

These are the best way to get activated lucky sim card to enjoy all Lucky services.

Let’s discuss out all methods to activate Lucky SIM in detail.

Lucky SIM Card Activation via Official Website

This process is able for first-time buyers. To activate new Lucky SIM card online, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Lucky Mobile Activation page to get started.
  • After you’ve double-checked that you meet all of the conditions, click Start Activation Now.
  • Select Activate a Physical SIM Card and double-enter your SIM card serial number.
  • Choose whether it’s a new number or a transfer.
  • Choose a payment plan and any add-ons you may require.
  • Create a new user account for Lucky.
  • Sort out your payment choices and/or top-up preferences.
  • The Lucky mobile network signal will show on your phone in a few moments.

Now your new Lucky SIM Card is activated, if in case, You don’t like to perform this action then you migh can check out the other Activate Lucky SIM card method.

Contact Lucky Customer Service Center

Have you run into problems or would just want a bit of help with the Lucky sim activation process? Whatever the issue may be, you may contact Lucky’s Customer Service via one of the following methods:

  • Live chat is available on the website. After answering questions under “How can we assist you today?” on the “Contact Us” page, select Chat Live, or click the floating chat icon in the lower right corner on other pages. Daily from 8 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. ET.
  • Through contact form, “Resolve a Concern” page fill all problems in the details.
  • Calling from any phone, dial 1 833-88-LUCKY or 1 833-885-8259, or *LUCKY (*58259) from another Lucky number.

By customer support, you will definitely be able to activate Lucky SIM card easily.They will guide you in better way.

Visit Lucky Near By Store

You even might visit the official Lucky Mobile official store, if it is nearby to your location. By visiting store, their representatives solve your problem quickly. Tell them to active Lucky SIM card. Visit store along with the identity proof of yours.

Order Lucky Pre-Activated SIM Card

We don’t recommend you order a pre activated Lucky sim card because there might be risk of misuse of SIM or can spy on your phone activities. So don’t buy SIM from any fake merchants. Contact/Visit the official site or store to purchase a new Lucky SIM card.

That’s all, your Lucky SIM Card has been successfully activated. Now you can check out the connectivity and can start using it. If you have any other query, let us know in the comment section. We will try to provide right answer.

How do I Activate Prepaid Lucky SIM card online?

You might can visit the Official Lucky Mobile Site to activate its new SIM card online, And follow the detailed instruction. After that click on the “Start Activation Now” button.

Having trouble activating Lucky SIM card over online process?

Please contact us at 1-833-88-LUCKY (1 833-885-8259) , to activate Lucky SIM card

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