Jio Tele Verification Number 2024 – Jio SIM How to Activate?

There are many Jio SIM users you have recently purchased the new SIM. Some of those users did not know Jio SIM how to activate and face many trouble in activation. So today we have came up with Jio Tele verification number and procedure for how to activate Jio Sim card.

Before starting directly, let’s take an overview about Jio SIM

According to the latest data report from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Jio is the India’s largest telecom carrier in terms of providing a cellular user base. Many users prefer Jio over other carriers because of the services it provides and the cost-effective plans it offers.

Customers who do not have a Jio SIM card may easily purchase one or transfer to Jio, but they must activate Jio SIM once they receive it.

Once you’ve obtained a new Jio SIM card, you may begin the Jio SIM how to activate procedure.

Before you can use your new Jio 4G SIM on your phone, you must first activate Jio SIM. Activating the Jio SIM is a straightforward process that may be completed in the steps below. Follow the procedures outlined below to activate Jio voice-based services, data services, or both at the same time.

Jio Tele Verification Number for my Jio SIM 2024

To finish the Jio tele verification number procedure, dial 1977 from your Jio SIM.

Or dial 1800-890-1977 from any phone number to activate only Jio Data services.

The following methods can be used for Jio tele verification your phone number:

  • Enter the 5-digit PIN sent to your secondary phone number OR
  • The last four digits of your Aadhaar number OR
  • For manual verification, contact our service center representative.

Your Jio SIM’s services will be activated after successful verification. This is the fastest method for Jio SIM how to activate.

Now let’s move further to know more methods.

How can I Activate my Jio Sim online 2024?

If in case you are a old Jio SIM user and due to some reason your Jio SIM gets deactivated. Now you have 15 days to reactivate it. After that, you were not able to reactivate it.

To re-activate Jio SIM card online, follow the below steps:

  • Request reactivation through Jio customer service.
  • Submit a reactivation request at your local Jio shop.
  • Proofs of address and photo identification are required.
  • Your number may be reactivated if you receive a confirmation call of Jio tele verification number.

Once these actions are complete, you are successfully able to activate Jio SIM.

Why is my Jio SIM not activated?

Wait a few hours if your SIM hasn’t been activated. If it still won’t turn on, call Jio customer service. It’s important to note that the Jio tele verification process must be completed within 30 days of placing a brand new SIM order. The order will be canceled if it is not completed.

How long will it take for Jio SIM to activate?

It might take between from a few hours to a couple of days for a Jio SIM to be activated, depending on whether it is a new number or a ported number. After you submit your request, you will be told exactly how long it will take.

How to Get your Jio SIM (voice + data) Activated?

  • Call 1977 from the phone with your Jio SIM.
  • To complete the Jio tele verification procedure, you will be required to enter a five-digit T-PIN (Tele-verification PIN).
  • This PIN should have been included in the SMS sent to your backup phone number.
  • If PIN does not received on your alternate phone number, Make a call on 1977 or 1800-890-1977 to request it for resend.
  • Enter the T-PIN, which is five digits long.
  • Alternatively, you can provide your Aadhaar number’s last four digits.
  • Your Jio SIM should be enabled when you successfully complete the instructions.
  • Wait a few hours if your SIM hasn’t been activated. If it still won’t turn on, call Jio customer service. It’s worth noting that the Jio tele verification process must be completed within 30 days of placing a fresh SIM order. The order will be cancelled if it is not completed.

How to Get your Jio SIM Activated (data only) in 2024?

  • Dial 1800-890-1977 from any phone number to activate solely data services on your Jio SIM.
  • Choose a language that you like.
  • You’ll be prompted for your Jio phone number.
  • After that, your Jio SIM should have data services enabled.

What is Jio Tele Verification Number Process?

According to DoT guidelines, tele-verification is required for new prepaid and postpaid mobile connections. Currently, the subscriber must call 1977 to have his name, address, POI (Proof of Identity), and POA (Proof of Authorization) tele-verified (Proof of Address).

The SIM will be activated within 1 or 2 hours after you finish the Jio tele verification process. The activation procedure might take up to 5 hours in rare situations. So, if your SIM does not activate after one hour, you may have to wait a bit longer. Furthermore, your new Jio SIM’s data services will be activated only when you enter your new Jio mobile number. When your Jio SIM’s internet connection is activated, you’ll receive an SMS notification.

What Documents are Needed to Obtain a New Jio SIM Card?

You’ll need to show Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) if you want to buy a new Jio SIM. This means you may receive a new SIM card by presenting your Aadhaar card, voter ID card, passport, or driving licence to the nearest Jio Store or merchant.

How to Check Jio Tele Verification Number Process Completed or Not?

Customers receive an SMS on their alternative phone after submitting all required documents. This is done by Jio tele verification number. If SMS does received you may directly contact customer care via 1800-8899-999 to verify the progress of your Jio new SIM application.

How to Check Jio currently Activate Plan 2024?

Log in to your MyJio account. On the home page, select the ‘View details’ option. If you’re a prepaid user, you may see your active plans, including their balances and validity dates, as well as your Queued Plans.

Hope, after this you can get perfect solution for Jio SIM how to activate it, If you still face any issue comment below. You can also check out how to Block Jio SIM online if you want to deactivate your SIM card.

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