BSNL APN Settings – Best BSNL Internet Settings For Fast Internet

Being a Government-owned telecom provider, there is a huge probability that you may face internet speed issues with BSNL. So, here we will tell you about the BSNL APN settings 4G that you can use to boost your connection speed. We will also tell you about the BSNL 3G APN settings for fast internet.

How Can I Get BSNL APN Settings?

The BSNL APN settings for fast internet for all devices is:


Using this settings will help you to easily make your internet speed faster as compared to previous speed.

Easy Methods To Apply The BSNL 4G APN Settings On Your Device

The method to apply BSNL prepaid APN settings is quite different for each kind of device. Here, we have discussed the methods separately according to each kind of device:

BSNL APN Settings For Android Devices

Just follow these steps to apply BSNL new APN settings in your android device:

1. Open your “Mobile Settings” and visit the SIM card section.

2. Select the SIM card for which you want to apply the BSNL new APN settings.

3. Now, select the Access Point Names or APN option to open internet settings.

4. After that, click on the “Add” or “+” option available either at the top or bottom. This will let you add a new APN.

5. Once the settings are opened, apply the following APN settings:

BSNL 4G APN Settings For AndroidValue
NameBSNLNET or Anthing Else
APN TypeDefault,sulp
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4

6. Once you apply these settings, save them and restart your android device.

So, these are the simple steps that you need to follow to configure new settings of BSNL APN to fasten your internet connection. You can also check the BSNL GPRS Settings USSD code for a faster internet connection.

BSNL APN Settings For iPhone

If you are an Apple or iPhone user then just through the following steps to configure new APN settings for BSNL in your device:

1. Switch on your internet connection and visit your device’s settings.

2. There select the SIM card for which you want to apply new APN.

3. Now, visit the APN section and click on “+” to create a new APN for BSNL.

4. Fill the following details there and save them:

BSNL New APN Settings For iPhoneValue
MMS Max Message Size1048576

6. After applying these BSNL internet settings for faster internet, restart your phone to get a better connection speed.

These BSNL APN settings 2024 are very much similar to the Airtel APN, both will help you to improve your internet speed.

BSNL APN Settings For Windows Phone

If you are using a Windows phone then follow these BSNL prepaid APN settings:

1. Turn on your mobile data. 

2. Open your phone’s settings app and visit the “Mobile + GSM” option.

3. Select the desired SIM BSNL SIM card and visit the APN settings.

4. Now click on ‘+’ to add a new APN and fill in the following settings:

BSNL APN for Windows PhoneValue

After applying these settings, just restart your phone to enjoy a faster internet connection.

So, these are the major APN settings for BSNL that you can use to make your internet connection faster.

Which Is The Best APN For BSNL 3G?

The best BSNL 3G APN settings for fast internet is as follows:
Name:BSNL, APN: Bsnlnet, MCC: Leave default, MNC: Leave the default, MCC: Leave default, and MNC: Leave the default.

How Can I Solve BSNL Internet Problem?

One of the easiest methods to resolve internet problems in BSNL is to use any of the above-mentioned BSNL APN settings.

How To Get BSNL APN Settings By SMS?

To receive BSNL GPRS settings through SMS, type the message “SMS” and sent it to 53337. Doing this will provide you the new APN settings for BSNL.

Are you going to abroad then you may required to set up MetroPCS unlimited hotspot APN or may choose according your service provider.

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