Celcom APN 2023 Settings 4G/5G [For Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi]

If you have a slow internet connection on Celcom smartphone and need to use a fast internet connection, then you could set up Celcom APN 2023 Settings for 4G & 5G network. So, to get quick internet, apply this finest Celcom 4G APN settings on your phone.

You will obtain better or faster internet speed if you complete Celcom APN 2023 settings setup for Android or iPhone (iOS). Before diving deep into the content. Let’s take an overview about Celcom telecom company. Continue reading to learn how change or set up Celcom 4G Lte APN settings on your phone.

About Celcom Telecom Company

Celcom, is Malaysia’s oldest mobile telecommunications company. Celcom is a company that belongs to the Axiata group of enterprises. There is a large number of users for Celcom. You may enjoy various facilities with great postpaid and prepaid mobile data plans, lifestyle Walla add-ons, home wireless, and fibre.

But sometimes, in some region user may face the issue of slow internet in Celcom. Users demand high-speed internet at any cost. If you are paying money, you are entitled to a fast internet connection. So, there are a few strategies you may use to get better internet than you get Internet speed today. One of the simplest methods is to change Celcom APN settings.

Alternatively, you can also contact Celcom support center for more correct information.

Let’s get started with how to set up the best 4G/5G APN configuration for Celcom after this quick introduction.

Celcom Apn Settings 4G/5G for Android

Accessing the Celcom APN settings on an Android smartphone varies based on the brand and version of Android you have.

We have tried to create the fastest Celcom APN 2023 settings in the table below, which may be help you to receive high speed internet on your smartphone. Make sure you have a valid Celcom active data plan before getting started. Only then you should have to attempt to improve Celcom APN and MMS settings.

For Android smartphone, go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point, or just type Access Point Name into the Settings search box.

Then, change Celcom 4G LTE Apn Settings and update the latest Celcom 5G APN settings as given below.

Celcom APN 2023Details to Fill For Fast Internet
 NameCelcom 4G
 MMSC http://mms.celcom.net.my
 MMS proxy
 MMS port 80
MCC 502 (Leave Default)
MNC 19 (Leave Default)
Authentication Type
Apn type default,supl,mms
Apn protocol Ipv4/IPv6
Apn roaming type Ipv4
 Enable/disable apn APN enabled
 Bearer Unspecified
 MVNO type none
 MVNO value

After completing this, you will definitely get the fastest Celcom internet speed. Restart your device and once of once. If in case, you might be facing any major issue, simply reset the settings and contact to its customer support on priority basis.

Celcom Apn Settings for iPhone iOS

For iPhone users Simply go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network to configure your cellular network.

Leave Cellular Data and LTE setup setting as default, only change MMS Data.

Cellular APN NameCellular APN 4G/5G Settings
MMS Proxy10.128.1.242:80
MMS Message Size1048576

To activate this Celcom APN, you must restart your iPhone. If it doesn’t work, try resetting your APNs to their defaults by navigating to the three-dot menu and selecting Reset APNs.

Important: Double-check your APN settings of Celcom to make sure you have not typed a space or comma in the wrong place.

For Malaysia, users use any these Digi USSD code, according to problem.

What is the Fastest Celcom APN 2023?

For Android and iPhone users, we’ve configured the optimum Celcom APN 2023 above.

How can I make my Celcom Internet faster?

Switching the flight mode on and off or restarting your device to refresh your network connection is one way to enhance speed if your Internet seems slow or lagging.

How do I use Celcom VoLTE?

  • Go to Settings and choose Connections.
  • Choose from a wide range of mobile networks.
  • Make VoLTE calls enabled.

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