Jazz APN Setting 2024 – Internet Settings For Jazz Sim

Jazz is a Pakistani mobile network and communication company providing its services for so long. This company is well-known in Pakistan but sometimes its internet speed gets too slow. So, if you are also facing this problem then you can apply the new Jazz APN setting on your sim to increase internet speed.

This Jazz internet setting will instantly work on your mobile and provide the fastest internet speed connection. So, without wasting any time here let’s get to the point and know how to set Jazz 4g APN settings.

What Is APN of Jazz?

Below here we have provided the complete Jazz APN setting that you have to fill in after adding an Access Point Name setting.

ProxyNot Required
PortNot Required
UsernameNot Required
PasswordNot Required
ServerNot Required
MMSCNot Required
MMS ProxyNot Required
MMS Port:Not Required
MCCNot Required
MNCNot Required
Authentication TypeNot Required
APN Typedefault,supl
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4

After applying this jazz 4g internet setting you have to restart your device to apply it on your network. 

What Is Jazz Internet Setting Code 2024?

Jazz 4g internet setting code 2024 is 4732 on which you have to send a message having text with GPRS. After doing it now you have to wait for a while and then you will automatically receive Jazz APN settings on your mobile phone. Now, just install those settings and your Jazz internet will start working on your device.

What Is Jazz Internet Settings Pin?

After getting the Jazz 4g APN setting on your mobile sometimes it also asks for a pin code to open it. The Jazz access point name setting code is @ja9rx2 which was provided on Twitter by the official Jazz company. Just fill in this code and then you will be able to install the Jazz configuration setting on your mobile.

How Do I Activate 4G on My Jazz SIM?

To activate 4G on your Jazz sim you can use the Jazz 4G internet settings on your mobile. Open your phone settings and navigate to sim and mobile network settings. Now, choose Jazz sim (if you have 2 sim cards) and click on the Access Point Name option and add a new APN setting. Fill in the details available above here and save it on your phone.

Why Is My Jazz Internet Not Working?

There can be many reasons why your Jazz internet is not working properly. But the main reason behind it is the exhausted data pack of customers. Many users use their daily limit data on Jazz sim and then try to use more than that. So it will be better for you to check your remaining data before changing your Jazz APN settings.

Jazz Sim APN Setting For Windows Devices

In order to set Jio net settings on your Windows devices open the Settings app and then press the “Network and Wireless” option. Click on the add an internet APN option under the internet apn option in the cellular section. Now fill in the APN settings for Jazz same as we have provided below here

UsernameNot Required
PasswordNot Required
Type of sign-in infoNone
IP TypeIPv4
Proxy ServerNot Required
Proxy PortNot Required

Can I Get Jazz APN Setting From Customer Care?

Yes, if you are not able to get Jazz GPRS settings manually then you can also call on the Jazz customer care. All you have to do is call on the customer care of Jazz and tell your executive to provide you with new Jazz internet settings for 4G internet speed. However, using the Jazz 4g setting code will be the best option to receive APN jazz settings.

How To Get Jazz Internet Setting By SMS?

To get Jazz 4G internet setting all you have to do is type GPRS in your message box and send it to number 4732. Now, you have to wait for 5 minutes, and then you will receive your Jazz 4g sim internet setting on your device instantly.

What Is Jazz Internet Setting Install Code?

The Jazz instant APN setting code is 4732 on which you have to send a message having text with GPRS.

What Is Jazz Fast Internet Setting?

If you are not able to unlock the Jazz APN setting then use the @ja9rx2 code to unlock and install it.

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