MetroPCS APN Settings 2023 [5G MetroPCS APN Hack]

If you are getting no internet speed and even tried lots of this but still does not work for you. Then try to change your MetroPCS APN settings 2023. Here we will get all step-by-step configurations of MetroPCS APN by which you can resolve your network speed issue.

About MetroPCS Telecom Company

T-Mobile owns Metro, an American prepaid cellphone service provider in the United States. It offers countrywide voice, text, and mobile internet/data services using T-infrastructure Mobile’s and a variety of speeds including HSPA, HSPA+, and 4G LTE networks.

After this short overview of MetroPCS company let’s start with how to set up the best 4G/5G APN setting for MetroPCS. So that you may connect to the internet and browse on your smartphone quickly.

MetroPCS APN Settings 2023 For Android

If you have an Android smartphone, accessing the settings will differ depending on the brand and version of Android you have.

In the below table we have configured the best MetroPCS APN settings 2023, which will help you to get the high internet speed on your smartphone. Before setting up this, make sure you have acquired a valid MetroPCS active data plan. Then only try to try to change MetroPCS APN and MMS Settings.

In general to change APN settings, go to “settings,” then “wireless networks,” or “network & internet,” then “mobile network,” and then “Access Point Names.”

Now from here, you can change your MetroPCS APN setting 2023. Before attempting to add new MetroPCS 5G APN setting, you might to erase any existing settings.

MetroPCS APN DetailsMetroPCS 5G APN Settings 2023
APNfast.metropcs. com
MMS proxy
MMS port
Authentication Type
APN Typedefault,mms,supl
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4

To activate the MetroPCS APN Hack Settings, you must restart your smartphone.

If in case, You might also want to try resetting APNs to the defaults by going to the three-dot menu and selecting Reset APNs.

After you’ve configured the new MetroPCS APN, make sure to save them. After that, try rebooting or restarting your phone.

Because MetroPCS, now becomes the Metro by T-Mobile, uses the T-Mobile network, you might wish to try this T-Mobile APN Settings, which provides some Metro PCS users better results.

If you’ve done everything above and still can’t able to make calls, send texts, or use data, your phone is either not compatible with the Metro By T-Mobile network or you have a defective SIM card and should have to request a replacement from Metro By T-Mobile.

Important: Double-check your APN settings to ensure that you haven’t mistakenly put a space or comma where none should be entered.

MetroPCS 4G/5G APN Settings On iPhone

Because Apple frequently prohibits complete access to the settings unless you jailbreak and so to hack the phone, changing APN settings on the iPhone might be tough. We also do not recommend doing this on your iPhone.

Unless and until if you have access to the settings,

These are the steps from where you can successfully change MetroPCS APN settings and can get high internet speed.

  • To begin, open Settings on your iOS device
  • Select Cellular Data Option and then Cellular Data Network. (Fill in the MetroPCS 5G APN Settings information as shown below.)
  • In the “LTE Setup (Optional)” area, fill in the following information.
  • In the MMS Section, enter the MetroPCS MMS Settings.
  • To make the MetroPCS APN Settings operational, choose the home option to save the updated APN Settings and then restart your iOS device.

It might be touch to restore default settings or manually modify them. You may also look for the below table for MetroPCS APN settings 2023 for iPhone or iOS.

MetroPCS APN DetailsMetroPCS APN Settings 2023 For 4G/5G Speed
APNfast.metropcs. com
MMS proxy
MMS Max Message Size1048578

Save this APN setting for MetroPCS iPhone and restart your device for once.

Important: It is suggested that, you erase any other non-working APN settings on your phone before switching to one of the settings provided above.

Why is My LTE not Working MetroPCS?

If you’re having trouble connecting to data or the Internet on your Metro by T-Mobile device, there are a few things you can do to fix it: Examine the following settings on your phone to ensure they are correct:

  • Mobile data is turned on,
  • Wi-Fi is turned off,
  • Airplane mode is turned off, and
  • any mobile data constraints are turned off.

Do you have Airtel SIM, configure this Airtel access point settings for 4g

What is Best MetroPCS APN Settings 2023?

Above we have configured the best MetroPCS APN settings 2023 for Android smartphones and iPhone users.

How do I add MetroPCS APN Hack to my phone?

By visiting to the mobile’s setting option, then check out the cellular network setting and click to change APN.

Does MetroPCS use CDMA or GSM?

You may now use MetroPCS service with your unlocked GSM phone. This is because MetroPCS, which was formerly CDMA-only, is now accessing T-GSM Mobile’s network for the first time.

What is the network operator for metropcs?

T-Mobile , is the network operator for metropcs

Is There Any Special MetroPCS Unlimited Hotspot APN Settings To Configure?

No, There is no other special MetroPCS Unlimited Hotspot APN Setting, Just configure the above-described MetroPCS 5G APN from the table.

How Do I Change From MetroPCS LTE to 5G?

To do MetroPCS LTE to 5G, we’ll go over the initial steps again, but this time compel the phone to utilize 5G.

  • Open “Settings”
  • Select “Cellular”
  • Select “Cellular Data Options”.
  • Select “Voice & Data”.
  • Change the setting to “5G On.”

Once you have completed this step, then you many proceed step forward to set up a MetroPCS APN.

What is MetroPCS APN Type in APN Settings?

Configuration of a MetroPCS Access Point Name (APN) for a carrier data connection. The MetroPCS APN allows a cellular network device to be connected to an IP data network.

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