How To Activate Verizon SIM Card iPhone & Android?

It commonly happens, when a user buys a new SIM and inserting in the smartphone, you will get no signals. So, in that case, you need to follow some instructions to make sure that your SIM card should be activated. As to activate Verizon SIM card service, read this full detailed guide and get easily solve your error.

First, Identify SIM card carrier of your’s and confirm, it is of Verizon SIM card. Because in this post, you will only be able to know how to activate Verizon SIM card?

You may need to face in connecting with your SIM card, when you have purchased the incorrect SIM card type or may be the error due to the incorrect SIM card size, In both case you are required to contact Verizon service center). It’s preferable to discover the mistake early on so that you can reap the rewards straight away. So, here’s how to activate your Verizon SIM card.

Besides this follow through these points to successfully activate Verizon SIM card.

Check Network’s Capability

It should be compatible if you bought a new SIM card and a new smartphone at the same time.

Like in the case: If a person bought a new Verizon phone, especially one that uses the 5G network, you may or may not be able to activate “older” SIM card with 4G LTE capabilities, even if it fits well in the slot. Because it is not technically supported.

It is usually advisable to disable your current SIM card and buy a new one from Verizon when you purchase a new phone. Doing this will save your time and you will also able to take full use of 5G network capabilities.

Insert SIM Card Correctly

If you are a new user of the smartphone, learn to place the SIM card in the slot in the right direction. Don’t do any action forcefully otherwise it may lead to damage to your SIM card and lead to no connections.

Instructions to Follow to Activate Verizon SIM card

If the SIM card was pre-installed, such as when the phone was purchased, you might be able to get away with simply unlocking it with a PIN from Verizon.

Follow these Instructions to Activate Verizon SIM card via PIN.

Do you require data (including contacts) to be transferred from an old phone to a new one?

If Yes, then follow this for your Android and iPhone device.  You may utilize Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant or the Verizon Cloud app. Verizon Content Transfer is also available for Android and iPhone.

To activate your Verizon SIM card over the internet

Do this after connecting your device to a wireless network or hotspot.

  • To activate Verizon card, go to Verizon’s website.
  • Use your User ID or phone number to log in.

    (If you haven’t already done so, click Register below and input your Verizon 10-digit mobile phone number.)


    (If you have already registered but have forgotten your User ID or password, click Forgot your information?)
  • Sign in by clicking the Sign in button.
  • Go to the My Devices section.
  • Select Activations or Activating My Phone from menu.
  • “Phone” might be changed with your phone’s actual name.
  • Then choose Verizon Activations, and then Activate SIM.
  • If it’s an old account, you’ll see a list of devices; if it’s a new one, you’ll just see your current one.
  • Select Device from the drop-down menu.
  • It’s possible that you’ll be requested to select Activate a Device on an Existing Line.
  • Depending on the phone, select 4G / LTE or 5G under Device Type.
  • In most cases, the ESN/IMEI will be filled automatically.
  • You must input a lengthy SIM ID number under SIM Card Number. It is printed as follows: (On your Verizon receipt from when you bought the SIM card, or on the Verizon full-size SIM or mini-SIM card from which you punched the nano-SIM card.)
  • To get a list of available plans, click Check SIM Card to the right of SIM Card Number.
  • The Complete Transaction stage will be avoided if you have previously registered a plan at the shop.
  • Verizon will ask you to select the phone to which a code will be sent as a final check.
  • Select the phone image/name and then select Text Me the Code.
  • Fill in the area on the website with the code you got by SMS.
  • You may now use your phone after clicking Confirm.

After completing all these steps you were able to activate Verizon SIM card. If you want any alternate method for activating Verizon SIM card, then check out this below.

My Verizon App to Activate Verizon SIM Card

This method will work on both iPhone and Android devices. To perform this action you only required stable internet connectivity.

  • Open My Verizon app
  • Sign in to the account
  • Select Add Device from the menu.
  • Select Activate an existing device.
  • If your device and operating system aren’t detected immediately, choose them.
  • Enter the ID of your device.
  • Depending on the phone type, this is the IMEI/EMEI/IMSI/MEID number. If the app does not recognize it automatically, it can be located in a variety of locations. Perform some research or use a third-party program to show it on your screen.
  • Your phone is now ready to use and have successfully activated Verizon SIM card.

Verizon Sim card activation number How to Activated Verizon SIM Card Using Number

Here is the support phone number, In case you don’t have access to the Internet or don’t trust third-party applications. Use this number to activate your Verizon SIM card in a few minutes.

  • Switch off your current phone but keep the SIM card on the phone.
  • From any other phone, dial 1-877-807-4646 number.
  • Follow the instructions on call.
  • Fill up the required data.
  • Switch on your primary phone. You’ll see that 3G/4G/5G connectivity is now available.
  • After you input your PIN, follow the on-screen Setup Wizard steps.
  • Your SIM card has full network access when you accept Verizon’s Customer Agreement.

Activate Verizon SIM Card iPhone

By following the below method, you may Activate Verizon SIM card iPhone easily. Don’t skip any step to successfully activate SIM.

  • Using the Transfer Content info feature, you may save contacts and content from your old phone.
  • Turn off both phones.
  • Make sure both phones are turned off to correctly activate the new device on the network.
  • Insert the SIM card into the new phone if necessary.
  • To activate and set up your new phone, turn it on and follow the on-screen Setup Wizard instructions.
  • For further information, see Activate your device.
  • Using the Transfer Content info, restore your content to the new phone.

I Hope, after this, You can have completely know, how to activate Verizon SIM card. If you still have any doubt check out these FAQs, you will get more clarity for the avtivation of Verison SIM.

How do I activate my old Verizon SIM card myself?

It also happens that your SIM card is not inserted properly or consists of some dust particle. So follow these tips. It may work for you.

  • Make that your phone is turned off.
  • Look for the little hole on the phone’s side.
  • To release the SIM tray, insert the supplied tool or a paperclip into the hole.
  • Remove the old SIM card and replace it in the same manner.
  • Re-insert the tray with care.
  • Activate the phone.

How Can I Activate My Verizon SIM Card Online?

Go to the website provided on the box for activation.
On the webpage, enter the phone number or SIM card number.
Follow the website’s instructions and keep an eye on your phone for any text messages.

What Verizon Sim Card Activation Number to Dial?

Call 1-877-807-4646 to activate Verizon new SIM card.

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