Airtel Fastag Balance Check Number 2024 [How to]

In today post, we will help you to know Airtel Fastag balance check, you only have to follow just few and simple steps.

At toll plazas, Airtel FASTag is a contactless and cashless way of collecting toll payments. Before beginning with the methods for learning how to check Airtel FASTag balance, it is necessary to first understand what is FASTag.

About FASTag

The FASTag is a reloadable, RFID-enabled tag which can be used to pay for tolls digitally. It is attached to the vehicle’s windscreen and allows you to drive through toll roads around the country without having to wait in lines for cash transactions.

Benefits of Using FASTag

The most significant advantage of adopting FASTag is that it saves time and energy. The tag is electronically scanned as the vehicle approaches the toll plaza, and the toll money is automatically debited from your FASTag account. As a result, you will save both time and fuel when waiting in lines.

Methods For Airtel FASTag Balance Check

You may check the balance of your FASTag in a variety of ways. We’ll go through four different techniques to Airtel check FASTag balance:

  • Airtel FASTag Balance Check Number
  • Check Airtel FASTag Balance through App
  • Check Airtel FASTag Balance Online through Website
  • Airtel FASTag Balance Check Via SMS

Airtel FASTag Balance Check Number

The missed call technique is one of the most typical ways for a FASTag customer to check his Airtel FASTag balance quickly.

Airtel FASTag user can make a missed call to the toll-free number 01204725873 to check Airtel FASTag balance. The user receives a message on their registered cellphone number with the specifics of the available FASTag balance in his Airtel FASTag account as soon as the missed call is placed. To obtain the details of the Airtel FASTag balance you does not require an internet connection.


For FASTag subscribers, the National Highway Authorities of India (NHAI) has created a Miss Call Alert service. FASTag users may check FASTag balance by dialing +91-8884333331 number.

The mobile number must be registered with the National Highways Authority of India’s prepaid wallet in order to check the FASTag balance via Miss Call service.

FASTag ServicesCustomer Care Contact
Airtel FASTag Balance Check Number01204725873
FASTag Customer Care Number@400 or 8800688006

Airtel FASTag Balance Check Through App

The Airtel FASTag user may use Airtel App to check Airtel FASTag balance quickly. Follow the instructions mention below:

  • Download the Airtel Thanks App
  • Select the Bank option
  • Now click on FASTag
  • Page will process and load within a few seconds
  • The Airtel FASTag user will be able to see all of the cars that have been registered with the Airtel FASTag on this page.
  • The available FASTag balance for vehicle registered with an Airtel FASTag will be shown next to the vehicle’s registration number.

By performing the above steps, you may able to know Airtel FASTag balance.

If you don’t want to download any app or have storage of phone storage then you might can use another method to know FASTag Airtel balance online.

Check Airtel FASTag Balance Online Through Website

The online site portal approach is another typical way for a FASTag user to view available Airtel FASTag balance. To perform this action you required an active internet connection.

The following are the procedures to check Airtel FASTag Balance online via website:

  • Visit the Airtel Payments Bank website.
  • After then, the Bank’s online interface will appear in front of the FASTag user.
  • Now, enter your registered mobile phone number and four-digit MPIN to access your Airtel Payments Bank account.
  • After login, Select FASTag.
  • On the main screen, an Airtel FASTag customer may now check FASTag balance.

The Airtel FASTag customer can check Airtel FASTag balance using the Airtel Payments Bank’s website by following the steps outlined above.

If there is no internet connection available in the area, the user would not be able to check Airtel FASTag balance with this method. Then we suggest you to the Airtel FASTag balance check number to know the balance details.

Airtel FASTag Balance Check Via SMS

You may also check Airtel balance of your FASTag by sending an SMS. The money will be automatically debited from your FASTag wallet each time you cross a toll plaza.

As a result, anytime money is deducted, the FASTag user receives a notification message on his registered mobile phone.

Not only does the FASTag user receive regular updates of FASTag balance, but also receives warning when FASTag account has a low balance.

How Can I Know Whether My FASTag Is Active Or Not?

You may submit a request for this by dialling Airtel FASTag customer service line, which is @400. You may also check the status of your FASTag on the Airtel Thanks app.

How Can I Check My FASTag Balance In Airtel?

The FASTag user must make a missed call to the toll-free number 01204725873 using to check Airtel FASTag balance. The user receives a message on their registered mobile phone number with the information of the available FASTag balance in his Airtel FASTag account as soon as the missed call is placed.

How Can I Recharge my Airtel FASTag Money?

Log in to your FASTag account and refill cash using payment options such as net banking, UPI, or credit or debit card. On the ‘My FASTag App,’ you may also recharge FASTags using UPI. The ‘My FASTag App’ automatically recharges FASTags that are linked to your bank account.

By establishing a new era of cashless approach to paying toll tax at toll plazas, FASTag has made influenced many companies and individuals.  As a result, an Airtel Payment Bank FASTag customer should always keep track of his FASTag balance in order to enjoy a hassle-free vacation. So, hopefully after reading this detailed guide, you may use any of these methods for Airtel balance check quickly and easily.

You might be lucky if you get Airtel free data code , after that dial Airtel number check code to know your number and internet balance.

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