Airtel Free Data Code 2024 – Airtel Data Loan 4G 2024

Are you looking to get an Airtel free data code 2024 to enjoy free internet data? Here are several Airtel Free Internet tricks or methods that you can try.

If you are an Airtel 3G or 4G SIM user. Then, in this post, you’ll learn the easiest and best ways to get free data in Airtel for 3 days, 10 days, 6 months, and even for more.

Airtel has a number of online recharge deals, plans, and offers. Below we have discussed how to you can get upto 120 GB of Airtel-free internet data simply by making a miss call or sending an SMS. Let’s take a look at the guide for details.

Airtel Free Data Code 2024USSD CodesData/Net Pack
Airtel Data Loan 4G 2024*141*567#3G/4G Data Loan
Airtel Free 10GB DataDial – 599955510 GB
Airtel Free Data CodeDial – 521222 GB
Free Data in Airtel For 3 DaysDownload the Airtel XStream App1 GB
4G Airtel Free InternetDownload My Airtel App500 MB
Free Airtel Net PackCall 5111130 GB
Airtel Free Data Code 2024 for Postpaid Airtel UsersMessage SURPRISE to 12160 GB
Free Airtel Internet Data OfferInstall My Airtel App, Wynk movie, music1.2 GB
Airtel Free Data OfferDial – 12534628 GB
Airtel Free Data Coupon CodeRecharge with 598 Plan6 GB

The Airtel 4G free data offer was offered to only new Airtel subscribers/users, But as of now, the free internet offer is open to everyone. Simply enjoy the data pack by following our guide.

As a promotional offer for 28 Data, Airtel is offering free 10GB 4G data (for 30 days) to 4 G-enabled states. There’s also an offer where you can receive 120GB of 4G data for free for 28 days. Let’s check out what are these offers about.

What Is Airtel Free Data Code?

The Airtel free data code 2024 is 5999555 that you have to dial from your mobile to get 10GB of free Airtel data.

By using this code number to get free data in Airtel you can get 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and even 10GB of free Airtel internet. If the code is not working on your device then you can use the Airtel application too on your mobile phone to get Airtel free data.

Airtel Free Data Code 2GB Coupon Code

This time Airtel Thanks offers a free data code for prepaid customers. Get Airtel free 2GB data vouchers when you recharge your phone with one of these plans: 839, 719, 699, or 549.

Airtel Free 10GB Data – 4G/3G

Dial – 5999555, a toll-free number to get Airtel Free Data of 10 GB. If you get eligible for this plan, then you can use 10GB of data for the next 10 days.

Otherwise, you may also use different Airtel Free Data Codes to obtain Airtel 4G Internet for free.

2GB Airtel Free Data Internet Coupon Code

This is the most used Airtel Free Data code Offer, which lasts for 90 days. This code offers is exclusively for prepaid customers. To acquire the 2 GB data, you should have to use this Airtel free internet trick (if your Airtel number is prepaid).

To Get 2 GB Airtel Data for Free on Prepaid SIM, dial 52122. Within 24 hours, you will get a verification message (sometimes instantly).

You may check Airtel balance of your Airtel Free Data code *121*2#.

Get 1 GB Free Data in Airtel for 3 Days

From the Play Store, download the Airtel XStream App. Use your Airtel phone number to sign up for an account. You will now receive 1GB of 3G/4G data for free instant. This free net will only be valid for 3 days.

As an airtel user, you may have faced an issue with your SIM ie. being locked, Then you may use the Airtel PUK Code to unblock it. Now, let’s move to another step to get Airtel-free data code 2024.

500 MB 4G Airtel Free Internet

To get this free internet, Download the My Airtel App or update it if you already have it.

Go to the app section now. On the list, look for the Movies app. A banner with 500 MB of free-of-charge data may also be found there. Install the movie app by clicking on it. Then, using the same Airtel mobile number, sign up for it. You will soon receive a confirmation message stating that you will be receiving 500MB of free data.

Get 30 GB Free Airtel Net Pack

Users who have a 4G Airtel SIM but have not yet used it on a 4G device will be eligible for this Airtel 30 GB free data for usage. This method will allow you to use Airtel internet for a period of 30 days. To activate the deal, you need to enter your 4G sim into the 4G handset, wait 5-6 hours, and then call 51111.

Within a few minutes, you will able to know whether you have got 1 GB of internet data for the next 30 days or not.

60 GB Airtel Free Data Code 2024 for Postpaid Airtel Users

Only postpaid Airtel subscribers utilize this Airtel free internet method in their Android smartphones. This method may or may not work for everyone.

Follow the steps below to obtain this Airtel Free Internet on your SIM:

  • Use your valid Airtel postpaid number to go into the ‘My Airtel App’
  • Then you’ll see an ad offering 60GB of free 4G data.
  • Download the Airtel XStream as well.
  • Send the message SURPRISE to 121 to take advantage of the free internet deal
  • Now for the next six months, you’ll get 10 GB every month (if eligible).

1.2 GB Free Airtel Internet Data Offer

With this simple trick of Airtel free internet, you will obtain 1.2 GB of free internet access. Simply access this site and input your phone number.

Install My Airtel App, Wynk movie, music, and games one by one as directed in the instructions below.

You will receive 300 MB of free data for each app you download. In all, you will receive 1.2 GB of free data after downloading all four applications.

Note: If you get free data using this offer, then you can only use 1.2 GB data between 12 AM and 6 AM. If you have previously installed any of the mentioned apps, you are still eligible for this offer.

Airtel 28GB Free Data Offer

You will receive 1GB data per day for 28 days, if you use this Airtel free data code coupon. This deal is only available to prepaid customers. You must contact a toll-free number, and this offer is user-specific.

Follow the below guide:

  • Dial the toll-free number 125346.
  • The call will be disconnected in some time. Now, if you are eligible, you will hear a congratulatory message; if you are not, you will receive a message stating that you are not eligible for this offer.
  • Once you got eligible, You will receive free Airtel internet data for the next 28 days, i.e 1GB free every day.

Note: It may be possible that it will not work for everyone.

Airtel 6GB Free Data Coupon

If you recharge with Rs 598/- plan, you will get 6 GB additional free data on your Airtel phone. You can apply for the coupon from “My Airtel App” and successfully avail of the 1 GB coupon at once for the next 6 times.

Important Note:

  • You must have a 3G or 4G Airtel SIM to avail of this free data plan.
  • And your phone balance should be Zero while applying for the Airtel free data offer (So that no chance of deduction of charges while using these tricks).

How Can I Get Free 10GB Data on Airtel?

To obtain 10GB Airtel free 4G data, you may need to follow this method:

  • Dial – 5999555 (Toll-Free Number) to get Free Airtel Data of 10 GB.
  • Other ways: You can make a call on 52122 to avail Airtel 4G free Internet data.

Once you perform this above step, you will receive a successful message for ‘Airtel 10GB Free 4G Data for 28 Days,’ within a few minutes (if eligible).

My Airtel App allows you to check your balance.

You may also read Vi free data code blog post, to get free internet data usage.

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How Can I Get Free Data For Airtel?

To get free data for Airtel sim number you have to use the code for Airtel free data which is 5999555. This code can be used by all Airtel users to get free Airtel internet whenever they want.

How Can I Get Free 2 GB on Airtel?

If you want to get free 2 GB on Airtel number then just dial 52122 and press the call button. Now, the call will get disconnected automatically and you will get avail with free Airtel data within 24 hours.

How Can I Get 1GB Free Airtel Coupon?

To get a 1GB instant 4G free Airtel data coupon you use the toll-free number 51111. This Airtel coupon code free data will avail you of 1GB of free data on your Airtel sim number.

What Is The Latest Airtel Free Data Code 2024 Today?

To get Airtel free data code to enjoy 2 GB free internet data, you just need to make a recharge of the plan including Rs 839, 719, 699, or 549.

Who Can Use Airtel Free Data Code?

You can only use Airtel Free Internet Data if you have an Airtel Prepaid number.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance?

To check Airtel Internet data balance, call the *121*2# USSD code from your Airtel mobile number and check your data balance by selecting the correct option.

What Is Airtel Free Data Code 2024 Today?

The Airtel free data code 2024 today is 5999555 by which you can get free internet on your Airtel number. Just dial the code and press the call button to get Airtel free internet.

Is There Any Airtel Free Data Code 2024 Prepaid?

Yes, If you want to take benefits of Airtel free data on a prepaid plan, you can dial 52122 AirTel 2 GB Data For 90 Days.

How Can I Get Free Data on Airtel 2024?

Airtel users can call 51111 or may use the My Airtel App to check their eligibility and claim their free data. Within 24 hours of filing your claim, you will receive 30 GB of free data.

How Can I Get A 1 GB Loan In Airtel?

You will receive an Airtel Data Loan 4G 2024 on your phone by dialing *141*567# code for a 2G/3G/4G internet. You can also get an Airtel data usage loan by calling (Toll-free Helpline Number) 52141 and following the IVR system’s instructions to make the request for a data loan.

Note: There may be a chance that you are not eligible for any Free data offer, In that, you will don’t get any free internet data usage.

We also have mentioned some other companies’ free data codes to get free data on any sim network you want.

If you are a BSNL user then you can also know about the BSNL tune or BSNL free data code 2024 to get internet data on their BSNL number for free.

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