Airtel Night Pack 12 AM To 6 AM: Unlimited Night Plan Code

Airtel is one of the most popular data providers in India and is known for offering fast-speed internet. But if you are not satisfied with its normal internet speed then you should try it at night. During the night time, you can get ultra-fast uninterrupted speed with Airtel. Taking that thing in consideration, Airtel has also released many Airtel night plans. Here, we will provide you with complete details regarding Airtel night pack 12AM to 6AM 2022. Also, we will tell you about the USSD code that you need to use to recharge with this pack.

What Is The Airtel Night Pack 12AM To 6AM USSD Code?

The Airtel night pack recharge code is *121#. Using this code will help you to easily recharge with the Night pack 12AM to 6AM of Airtel. After that, you can enjoy amazing internet speed at the night with Airtel.

Top Airtel 12AM To 6AM Night Packs

There are around 9 night pack data plans offered by Airtel. Here, we have mentioned the top plans out of them for you:

  • Airtel Rs. 186 Plan: This is the basic night plan of Airtel. With this plan, you will get 800MB of internet data.
  • Airtel Rs. 296 Plan: With this night plan of Airtel, you will get 2GB of night data. This plan will be valid for 30 days.
  • Airtel Rs. 546 Plan: This plan will also be valid for 28 days. The total amount of data that you will get will this plan is 4GB.
  • Airtel Rs. 796 Plan: Will this plan, you will get a total of 6GB of internet data. This plan is also valid for 28 days.
  • Airtel Rs. 3346 Plan: This the most expensive Airtel night data plan. With this plan, you will get a total of 40GB of internet data.

So, these are the top Airtel night pack 12am to 6am. With all of these plans, you will get a good amount of internet data with top browsing speed.

How Can I Activate Airtel Night Pack 12AM To 6AM?

It is really very easy to recharge with the Night Pack of Airtel. For this, you just need to apply the following steps:

  1. Open your phone’s calling app and dial Airtel 12AM to 6AM night pack code *121#.
  2. Now, some instructions will be displayed on your device. Simply reply with the night pack options.
  3. After this, select any of the night pack of your choice.

Within a minute, you will be receive a confirmation message and your SIM will get recharged with your preferred Airtel Night pack 12AM to 6AM.

How To Recharge Airtel Night Plan Online?

To recharge with Airtel night pack 12AM to 6AM online, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Login to the Airtel Thanks App.
  2. There click on the recharge option.
  3. Now, select any of the Airtel night packs and do the payment.

After following all these steps, your Airtel night pack will be activated.

How Much Does Airtel Night Pack 12AM To 6AM Costs?

The minimum cost of Airtel plan of night is Rs. 186. Whereas, the maximum cost of same time of plan is Rs. 3346.

Who Can Recharge With These Airtel Night Packs Online?

These plans are available for all users residing in India. If you have an Airtel SIM card then you can easily recharge with these plans.

How Can I Get Free Aitel Night Data?

If you want to get free data with Airtel, then it is suggested to use the Airtel free data code. Using it will help you to get a good amount of internet for free.

What Is Airtel Night Data Time?

The timing of Airtel night plans is between 12 AM to 6 AM. Between this time, you can enjoy very fast surfing speed.

Does Airtel Give Unlimited Data At Night?

Yes, if you recharge with a Airtel night plan, then you can enjoy an unlimited amount of data between 12 AM to 6 AM.

How Can I Activate Airtel Night Pack?

To enable the night pack of Airtel, you just need to dial the code that we have provided above.

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