Backlink Generation Strategy For High-Quality SEO | 10 Evergreen Strategies For High-Quality Link Building

Till now, we have discussed a lot of things about USSD Codes of various telecom operators like Jio, Airtel, Vi, BSNL, etc. But today, we have decided to go off-topic and will discuss one of the most trending topics related to the best backlink generation strategy for both pros and beginners. In this backlink generation strategy for high-quality SEO, we will discuss how you can efficiently take backlinks from various websites. But before heading towards these strategies, you need to be clear about the basics of SEO and backlinking.

10 Best Backlink Generation Strategy For Ranking On Google

There are lots of factors that impact the ranking on search results and linking is one of the most important factors out of them. Taking a good quality backlink may look difficult but this isn’t really true. Here, we are gonna discuss the 10 evergreen backlink generation strategy that a user can use for getting rich quality backlinks.

#1 Create High-Quality Content

Content is the core of SEO and well-written content can always help you in getting a high-quality backlink. Highly informative content not only helps you in improving your SERP ranking but also provides others a reason to link to your website.

If your content is ordinary, isn’t much attractive, lacks quality then no one will ever link to your site. However, if your content is informative, contains lots of information then one may think of linking to your webpage.

In this way, you will get an organic backlink, and the value of that backlink will also be higher.

#2 Make Your Content Visually Driven

Not only written text but there are some other factors too that make a huge impact on your content. Like the use of images, infographics, graphs, facts, content structure, etc.

If your webpage has relevant facts, informative images, high-quality infographics, then one may link to your webpage for reference purposes. In most of the scenarios, there is a possibility of getting a ‘Nofollow’ link. Although, in some situations, you may also get a high-quality ‘Dofollow’ backlink.

#3 Take Links From Authoritative Websites

Commenting is one of the most debatable concepts of SEO. Many consider it bad where many find it working for them. Commenting can prove to be a great tool for creating a large network of backlinks. However, we don’t recommend linking to every single that you find as it will eventually increase your spam score.

So, it is always suggested to link to websites that have higher authority than yours. It is one of the best backlink generation strategy that one can use for ranking web pages.

#4 Ensure The Page You Are Linking To Is Google Identified

This is one of the most important factors of commenting but we are sure that only a few of them might try this. Many users just simply do comment on various web pages for taking backlinks. But, they never check whether the webpage to which they are linking is indexed by Google or not.

Linking to a page that is not indexed by Google will only increase your spam score, but not your SERP ranking.

For checking whether a webpage is indexed by Google or not, simply search “site:webpage URL”, for example,

#5 High-Quality Guest Post

Guest posting is one of the trendy ways that most webmasters use for getting high-quality backlinks. It is also one of the best backlink generation strategy that many authoritative websites use.

Mainly you may have to spend some amount for guest posting. However, there are also many websites that accept guest posts for free and also provide Dofollow backlinks. So, search for those websites for creating backlinks without spending money.

#6 Analyze Competitors And Identify Backlink Gaps

This is a quite impressive backlink generation strategy that you can use for creating authoritative backlinks. Although for following this method, you may need to use some external tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SEO Profiler, etc.

You should look for the sites from where your competitors are taking backlinks. Identify all those sites and try to take backlinks from there. Doing this will help you to easily get authoritative backlinks.

#7 Keep An Eye On Reclaiming Image Links

There are lots of websites or webmasters that use your image or infographic on their website. If you ever find such kind of website using your images, you can ask them for a backlink as credits to the original owner of that image. Even if you get a Nofollow backlink, don’t miss that opportunity as it will surely help you in the long run for building the authority of your website.

#8 Claim Backlinks For Brand Usage

If you deal in a specific product or service or owns a brand then this backlink generation strategy can help you a lot. There are lots of resellers, affiliate partners, or informative sites owners that might use your brand name in their website. In such scenarios, you can simply ask them either to give a Dofollow backlink or remove your brand name from their websites.

In such situations, there is a huge possibility that you might get a Dofollow link from them.

#9 Create Good Linking Relations

There is a saying, for getting something, you might have to lose something. So, why don’t you get a Dofollow backlink by providing others the same? Well, you can simply ask sites with higher authority or with authority the same as yours to exchange backlinks. This backlink generation strategy can really prove to be beneficial for you and can help you in creating a large network of backlinks.

#10 Create Solid Social Media Campaign

This remains always debatable that whether you should consider social media for your backlink generation strategy or not. Well, it is true that you don’t get Dofollow backlinks through social media platforms. Although as according to our personal experience, a powerful social media campaign will really help you in improving SEO. Driving a bit of traffic to your website from social media platforms will really help you in improving your SERP rankings in the long run.

Our Recommendation

Now, it’s a time of wrapping up this article. Here, we discussed the various strategies that can help you in creating a great network of backlinks. All these methods are great and include healthy SEO practices. The best part is that none of the methods is included in black Hat SEO, which means you will never be penalized by Google. So, you can try any of these methods for improving your site’s authority.

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