Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code 2024

Most Android users get the error notification of “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”. This might be annoying if the problem doesn’t get fixed.

The incorrect MMI code error often indicates that users are unable to send or receive texts or calls until the connection problem or invalid MMI code problem is fixed.

There are many reasons behind getting this Invalid MMI error. Let’s start with discussing reasons and then find the solution to fix this Connection Problem problem for all Airtel, Vi, Jio, and BSNL users.

What Do You Mean By MMI Code?

The MMI Stands for Man-Machine Interface. The Man-Machine Interface (MMI) code, which starts with an asterisk (*) or pound (#), allows users to set or disable different star code features (*123#, for example, to show balance Info).

It might be challenging to determine the use of each code and number on a SIM-compatible phone since there are so many of them.

Your phone may display the error message “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” for a number of reasons. The main cause is either a problem with the smartphone’s SIM authentication or else may be due to problem with the cellular provider.

The users who have installed dual SIM on a phone, these types of errors mainly face by them.

Don’t worry about there are various methods to fix connection problem or invalid MMI code.

5 Methods To Fix the MMI Code Error & Connection Problem

On an Android smartphone, there are several ways to resolve the “Connection failure or incorrect MMI” issue, which are follows as:

  • Restart Your Device
  • Open SmartPhone in Safe Mode
  • Switch On – Off Airplane Mode
  • Reset Network Setting
  • Update APN

Method 1 – Restart Your Device

Restarting the smartphone is the first thing you should try to do to fix connection problems or invalid MMI code.

  • Hold the Power and Home together, until the phone vibrates and goes off.
  • Wait for a while for Restart

By performing this, you will definitely get solved your MMI error. If still problem exists, then move forward to another method.

You should also have checkout master code to unlock any phone and restart your device after applying any ussd codes.

Method 2 – Open SmartPhone in Safe Mode

Another reason for facing the connection problem or invalid MMMI code error is an issue in the third-party application. There might be a possibility that a third-party app may be stopping or troubling your network to work properly.

To identify an error, you need to enter into the phone’s safe mode. Follow the steps below to open safe mode in mobile phones and get rid of a connection problem or invalid mmi code.

  • Press the power button (button combination) on your Android smartphone for a longer time.
  • From the option that displays, select Safe Mode.
  • Now check whether the MMI issue shows up while using your phone in Safe Mode.
  • If your phone doesn’t display any error codes, this means your network is being restricted by third-party applications. 
  • Now uninstall the unwanted application and recently installed apps.
  • Turn off safe mode and restart your device.

This will help you to fix connection problems or Invalid MMI issues.

Method 3 – Switch On – Off Airplane Mode

This is the tested trick that many users have solved their “connection problem and invalid MMI code” error by switching on and off the Airplane mode.

  • Turn Airplane Mode to On in Settings
  • After waiting 10 to 30 seconds, switch Airplane Mode to Off

Because a poor signal connection on phone might cause an MMI Code issue, doing this can reset your connection and fix the problem.

Method 4 – Reset Network Setting

The method is to reset your Network Settings because we are aware that the MMI error signifies a problem with your device’s cellular connection. It’s possible that the system is malfunctioning or that your network settings have changed incorrectly.

Follow the steps below to reset network settings on any smartphone.

  • Visit Settings
  • Then choose General Management
  • Choose Reset
  • Select Reset network settings

Method 5 – Update APN

Although, you can even step up Airtel APN, Jio APN, Vi APN (according to your telecom service provider).

Configure these settings to get fast internet speed without any interruption. 

  • Visit Settings
  • Select Connections
  • Choose Mobile Networks
  • Click Access Point Name
  • Or Select Reset to Default.
  • Now, Enter the new APN Settings

Why I Had Face Connection Problem or Invalid MMI?

The Connection Problem or Invalid MMI code message display due to the low internet connectivity or have mistyped invalid ussd code.

How Can I Solve Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Message Display Error?

You might can solve the Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code error by Restart Your Device, Open SmartPhone in Safe Mode, Switch On – Off Airplane Mode, Reset Network settings, Update APN.

The MMI problem and connection problem on your phone may be fixed using a few above-discussed methods. This error may be a sign of low signal or connectivity with telecom service towers.

If the above methods do not help you out in fixing the MMI code error, then you may Contact your telecom service provider to fix this problem.

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