Damaged Sim Card Symptoms – Bad SIM Card

Are you unsure of how to identify a broken, faulty or damaged SIM card? If a person failed to dial phones, gets a poor connection, and faces lag issues then it might be difficult for non-technical person to know the exact cause.

Here are damaged SIM card symptoms that you have to know before the phone or SIM card problem increase.

The issue is the possibility of damage to your SIM card. There are several ways that SIM get damaged. However, you must change your SIM card if it is defective or bad. But how can you tell whether or not your SIM card is damaged?

There are several signs that a SIM card is bad or damaged. And you will be able to know if your SIM card is damaged if you experience any of those signs of a defective SIM card.

How to Tell If SIM Card Is Damaged or Bad?

Here are 7 main Damaged Sim Card Symptoms to tell is your SIM card is Damaged or not.

  • Physical SIM Damage
  • Sound Quality is bad in Call
  • Received Network Message All The Time
  • SIM Card Not Showing Contacts
  • Airplane Mode Activated Automatically
  • SIM Card Is Not Recognized

Physical SIM Card Damage

This is the most detectable issue in the SIM card. You should be worried if you discover that your SIM card has physical damage.

You can check that by taking the SIM card out of your phone to look for any physical damage. However, If you found that SIM card is physically damaged, you must swap it out as quickly as possible.

 Network Issue

This might also be a Damaged Sim Card Symptom, if you observe network problems on your phone frequently.

Sometimes network errors can be faced due to network location or issues raised by the service operator. But the network issue constantly arising may be a sign that your SIM card is damaged or defective.

Sound Quality is Bad in Call

You may notice poor sound quality when on a call, which is another indication of a defective SIM card. 

There is also a possibility that,  Your phone’s defective speaker may be the cause of any sound issues you’re experiencing. You’ll need to repair your phone in such situation. If you discover that the speaker is functioning properly, your SIM card may be the problem and has to be changed.

Received Network Message All The Time

When you insert a new SIM card or while rebooting your phone, the service provider sends you a welcome message to save the network setting. It is a sign that your SIM card has been identified by your carrier’s network.

However, if you see this Network Message all the time even when you haven’t re-insert your phone SIM, then there might be chance fault in the SIM or the SIM was damaged.

SIM Card Not Showing Contacts

Make sure SIM card contact is enabled in the “Contacts” app on your phone. The contacts that you have saved on your SIM card should be visible if it is enabled. To view the contacts on the SIM card, you must activate that setting. If still you can’t able to see your saved contact then restart your or get a new SIM card.

Airplane Mode is Activated Automatically

If it often happens that Airplane Mode is automatically activated, this is a Bad SIM card symptom. You immediately have to contact to customer support.

Here is the list of various SIM support number, that you might can use:

SIM Card Is Not Recognized

This is the most faced error and one the most seen bad SIM card symptoms. Users get frustrated if this SIM Card Is Not Recognized error persists for a long time. In that situation, you can see that your phone has no network. This happens due to a bad SIM card or have a damaged SIM card.

What Signs Indicate A Faulty SIM Card?

The failure of a phone to recognize a sim card, the sim card not displaying a network service, the sim card failing to dial a phone number, etc. are all examples of bad sim card symptoms.

Let’s examine each of them individually now. The following are some of the main signs of a faulty SIM card you need to be aware of these bad SIM card symptoms.

How Do I Know If My SIM Card Is Damaged?

To know does your SIM card is damaged or not check for the Network on your mobile phone. Also, Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card for some time. Put SIM card back in and restart your smartphone.

Ensure that your device read the SIM card and establishes a proper mobile network connection. With this you can confirm that your SIM card is not damaged.

How Does A SIM Card Get Damaged?

Corrosion or water damage are two of the most typical reasons why a physical SIM might stop working. If the SIM is damaged due to corrosion or water, may stop the performance & functioning of a SIM card.

What Happens If SIM Is Damaged?

The SIM will stop functioning properly. You might get the poor connection or no signal error if the SIM card is badly damaged. Any physical damage or internal damage caused in no proper working of the SIM card. You need to fix that issue as soon as possible before the problem increases. 

How to FIX Bad SIM Damages?

The problem may be fixed by removing the SIM and reinserting it. If still bad SIM does not fix the issue, get in touch with your cellular operator, explain the situation, and obtain a new SIM.

Can Faulty SIM Card Affect Signal?

Yes, A faulty Bad SIM results in providing a bad connection or signal.

Can A SIM Card Become Faulty?

Of course, if the sim card is destroyed, the sim card might become defective, faulty, or damaged. You can be sure that if a sim card chip is broken or altered, problems will arise.

A phone cannot function without a SIM card. It can, however, be harmed in a variety of ways. Additionally, if your SIM card is broken, you won’t be able to use mobile data or a cellular network to contact anyone.

Your SIM card must be in good working order as a result.

In the paragraphs above, we discussed a number of circumstances from which you may determine if a SIM card is damaged or not. Apply these scenarios if you discover that your SIM card is no longer working properly. Hope, This will help you a lot.

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