Does Call Forwarded Means Blocked?

Most of the new smartphone users get confused between the call forwarding or the number blocked. They might think call forwarded means blocked which is “not” right. Both are different terms and have different uses.

So, in this post, we will clear user’s doubts i.e, “does call forwarded means blocked”.

Read till the end to get complete information.

What Do You Mean By Term CALL FORWARDING?

Call forwarding is the process of redirecting incoming calls. When you enable the call forwarding feature on your phone number, your all incoming calls will be routed to another phone number. In simple terms means, Anyone dialing your phone number will be redirected or forward incoming phone calls to another number that you provided.

Whereas Blocked Call indicated that the number has been listed on the blacklist and the person is no more interested to talk with you.

Rules for Set for Call Forwarding

People use call forwarding option in their phones to don’t miss the important office call even when they are on vacation. It has been noticed that Many office phone systems now allow users to set many rules for how calls are redirected depending on various criteria. Moreover, the general user also uses this call forwarding feature to take its advantage.

You may set call forwarding criteria as:

  • Who is calling, including phone numbers, country codes, and blacklisted calls.
  • Call timing (including date, time of day, day of week, one-time or recurrent schedule)
  • If your line is busy,
  • If you do not respond,

On the basis of these, you may now redirect or forward urgent/important phone call to your own number. This will help to attend important phone calls on time.

You may be able to configure multiple call forwarding rules for each case using your business phone system. You may even set up rules for consecutive call forwarding.

If you want to stop call forwarding then use jio call forwarding deactivate code for Jio SIM user and Airtel call forwarding deactivate code for Airtel SIM users.

Alerts Message for Call Forwarding

Callers may be notified that their calls are being redirected depending on the ringtone, and you can usually specify criteria for how many rings each phone line should get before being sent.

Some Call Forwarding Benefits and Advantages

Call forwarding boosts productivity by allowing more calls to be handled on time, which is especially important in today’s mobile work environment. If someone is away from the office for vacation or business travel, incoming calls can be routed to an alternate number, ensuring that callers’ queries and concerns are handled. It’s a simple approach to assure that no calls go unanswered. With this, we hope you basic doubt for Does Call Forwarded Means Blocked has been cleared.

Below we have shared some more users queries with proper solutions, which might be useful.

What does it means when I call someone but “call sent to voicemail” message is received?

If it happens that you make a call and sent for voicemail, then it might be possible that person’s phone is switched off or their phone battery died.

Even you can also set call forwarding option when your mobile phone is switched off. So in case of emergency always put a number for redirection.

Does Call Forwarding Means Blocked by Someone?

No, call forwarding does not mean blocked. Call forwarding is a feature that smartphone provides, It is basically used to don’t miss an urgent call.

What Happens When You Dial Number *#62#?

Code *#62# Shows the request status for call forwarding on your mobile device.

How Do I Find Out If Someone Initially Rejected My Call?

The number of rings you hear before the call goes to voicemail is the best method to tell if someone is refusing your calls or not. If you hear only one or two rings,this means the person has denied your call.

How Do You Know If my Phone Forwarding Your Call?

Tap the dial button on your phone to see if call forwarding is enabled for your number or not. On your phone, press the dialer button and enter the provided code *#62#. If you have two sim cards, choose the sim card for which you wish to test the call forwarding feature. This will provides you the message on which number your phone is being forwarded.

Why My Phone Forwarding Calls?

Your iPhone has a basic call forwarding function that allows you to route all incoming calls to a different number. When you enable call forwarding, your iPhone will not ring and all calls will be sent to another phone. It’s simple to turn off call forwarding once you’ve put it up temporarily then your Phone receive calls again.

Is it forwarded to voicemail or forwarded to call forwarding have the same meaning?

If it is call forwarding, I would guess that the person you are attempting to contact has their phone set to forward to a different number.

If the call goes to voicemail, it typically signifies that the person’s phone is switched off or the battery is dead.

Even if they ignore your call, it will normally ring a few times before being answered via voicemail.

Can Calls And Texts Be Forwarded To Another Phone?

In many situations, setting up a successful call forwarding system is as simple, visiting setting option menu, then selecting the proper call forwarding option, and entering the phone number to which your calls and text messages should be routed. This will enble call forwarding features.

Is Call Forwarded Means Hung up?

Call forwarded does not mean that the receiver has hung up, but rather that the recipient is not available to answer your call at the proper time.

In some cases call forwarded means ignored, when a person does not pick your call after calling again & again. It implies that the recipient is ignoring your calls or does not wish to answer your call.

To hang up a call indicates that the recipient answered the phone and quickly stopped it without continuing the discussion with the caller or saying goodbye.

It is extremely impolite and inconsiderate to hang up on someone.

With this you may understood that call forwarded does not mean Hung up.

What to do if someone is forwarding your call again?

It may mean that, someone is ignoring to talk with you. To determine whether or not a call forwarded means ignored, I suggest you to dialing with a different number which is unknown to the receiver and see if the recipient answers or pick your call. It means that person intentionally ignores you.

But if the receiver does not answer the phone, you may be confident that they did not ignoring your calls by forwarding them.

Hope this call forwarding guide is useful to you. Let us know if you still have any doubt left related to call forwarding, We will be happy to solve it out.

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