BSNL WIFI Password Change With 5 Easy Steps

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is a government-owned telecom business company that offers internet access as well as voice services through telephone lines. If you have a BSNL internet connection with an ADSL WiFi modem installed at your home or workplace, you must login to the BSNL modem to change BSNL wifi password settings.

As BSNL internet connection has been established throughout a broad region, from city to rural, in order to connect everyone to the internet. So, for those who have newly purchased BSNL wifi, users try to search for how to change BSNL wifi password and way to connect with Wifi.

If you are using a modem other than BSNL, then you might have to look out elsewhere. Although changing wifi password of BSNL broadband modem is very easy that you will know here.

BSNL WiFi Modem Default Login Settings

Before BSNL wifi password change, you are required to login in BSNL WiFi Modem.

In order to log in, Go to the BSNL router settings page, you’ll need the default login credentials.

The BSNL login username and password, as well as the IP address on the rear sticker of your modem placed by service providers, may be found on the backside sticker of your modem.

BSNL broadband default login

  • Username – admin.
  • Password – password

After entering these details, you have successfully login into the BSNL wifi modem.

How to Connect with BSNL Wifi Broadband Modem?

If your BSNL broadband modem only supports Ethernet and not wifi, you will only be able to connect to the router through a wired connection; however, if your modem supports wifi, you will be able to connect over the wireless network as well.

Follow the below steps, in order to get the connection.

  • Turn on your wireless router.
  • Connect a LAN cable to a LAN port or a WiFi SSID to a Wi-Fi network.
  • To receive an IP from the BSNL modem, make sure your computer/LAN laptop’s TCP/IPv4 settings are in DHCP mode.

How to Change BSNL WIFI Password from BSNL Account?

Once you’ve logged in to the router’s settings page, you have full permission to edit anything. To chage BSNL wifi password follows the below steps:

  • Go to Maintenance > Administration.
  • Username is your admin.
  • Make a new password for your login.
  • Password Confirmation– Confirm your password once again.
  • Login your BSNL broadband modem with new password.

You may also log into your modem by putting your modem IP address into the address bar of your browser.

You’ll be sent to a screen that asks for a username and password after typing the IP address into your browser’s address bar. The username and password are admin by default. A modem or router’s default username and password are usually written on the rear panel (backside). You will be taken to the modem configuration page after entering your login and password.

After completion of the steps, you are able to make your BSNL wifi password change successfully.

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What Additional Options are there for Obtaining BSNL Username?

The following are the four primary sources for obtaining a BSNL broadband login username:

  • Log in to your self-care portal account.
  • Through your BSNL Broadband Customer Care phone bill, contact the nearest BSNL customer support Centre.

Why can’t I update the Password for BSNL broadband login from another location?

Due to security concerns, the ISP only enabled customers to update their BSNL broadband passwords by using the registered IP address of the assigned phone number.

Make sure your device does not have an incorrect APN error, if a problem exists you might face slow internet. In that case, you can modify your BSNL APN settings to upgrade connectivity.

Is it possible to modify solely through a registered IP address or using any OTP?

Currently, there is no OTP mechanism for changing BSNL WIFI passwords; the only option is to logon using a registered IP address to a specific web page.

I Hope, this page provides you a simple and straightforward user manual for logging in and helping you to know, how to change BSNL wifi password for the first time. To access and update the password via wired or wireless connections, this has been definitely solved your problem.

If you still face any issue in the BSNL modem, then let us know in the comment section.

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How Can I Know My BSNL WiFi Password?

You may find the default WiFi password by looking at the bottom of your BSNL modem. You need to log in to the setup page if you modified the default BSNL WiFi password. You may access the setup page by entering the IP address

How Can I Change My BSNL Broadband WiFi Password and Name?

For BSNL Wifi Password change and BSNL Wifi username change, you need to follow the below-described steps.

  • Log in to the modem setup page.
  • Then choose Configuration.
  • Then choose Wireless Network.
  • At the Network Name, remove the current name (SSID).
  • Enter the new BSNL Broadband WiFi name in the box.
  • For the new WiFi name to be saved, click the Confirm button.

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