How To Clean A Sim Card Slot?

Although a dirty SIM card isn’t a very major reason of not woking SIM properly. Cleaning a SIM card is one of the first recommendations made when someone has issues with their phone. You must have to know the proper way for How To Clean A Sim Card Slot? Carry forward reading to this guide to know more.

It’s more probable that the SIM card has been deactivated by the carrier, has a smartphone software issue, a network issue, or all three. In any of the cases, you may try out a short sequence of processes that are not difficult to do.

Below is a guide to cleaning a SIM card slot by yourself.

Why Required to Clean A SIM Card Slot?

After a long time of usage of SIM card, dirt sticks on the surface. Which lead to improper functioning of SIM card. That’s why it is required to Clean SIM Card.

What Are The Steps to Clean SIM Card Slot?

  • Turn Your Phone Off
  • Find the SIM Card Slot
  • Remove SIM Card Tray
  • Start Cleaning Process
  • Re-Insert The SIM
  • Turn the Phone On

Methods To Clean Card Slot

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Gold Guard pen
  • Electronics Cleaning Spray
  • Rubber eraser
  • Toothpaste
  • Lint-free tissue or cloth

Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Your SIM Card

Alcohol should be one of your first aid items. Get a piece of lint-free paper, cloth, or cotton swab. Any of those need to be slightly alcohol-dampened but not wet. The high alcohol concentration causes it to evaporate more quickly. Slightly rub a soft cloth over the SIM card.

We advise using the second kind for cleaning electronics if you are unable to perform the above method.

Use a Gold Guard pen

This is a specialist pen made to clean various electrical components, particularly the gold portion of the SIM card chip.

Electronics Cleaning Spray

You may get non-conductive sprays like WD40 or visit a mobile repairing shop. After applying, be sure to allow them lots of time to evaporate.

Use Rubber Eraser

The pencil eraser technique is highly regarded. Once the oil and dirt are gone, rub the area with Eraser for a few minutes. Once you’re done, remove the rubber’s minute residues.


Online users claim that cleaning their SIM card contact with a little toothpaste and a Q-tip is effective. If you don’t have access to any of the above tools and can combine this approach with the method below.

Lint-Free Tissue or Cloth

If you don’t have any of the items mentioned, a microfiber towel or dry cloth made for spectacles. Or you may use simply tissues or toilet paper if you don’t have any other cleaning products.

Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any residue from the gold contact region of the SIM card after cleaning it by blowing off dust; avoid using soap or anything abrasive. Slide the SIM card back inside the tray with the chip side facing up. The tray must fit easily if it is placed appropriately. Switch off your phone.

Can I Clean A SIM Card With Alcohol?

Yes, You can use rubbing alcohol, a microfiber cloth, an eraser or a cotton wipe to clean your dirty SIM card.

What Do You Do If Your SIM Slot Is Not Working?

Regardless of whether you use an iOS or Android smartphone, these are the initial actions you may take:

  • Insert the SIM Card after removing it
  • SIM Card and SIM Card Tray should be cleaned
  • Restart the device
  • Update your device
  • On/Off the Airplane Mode switch
  • Call technical support or visit reparing shop

Note: If you don’t have enough knowledge to perform an action to clean SIM card. Then we highly recommend visiting a mobile repair shop that is near to you.

How do you get dirt out of SIM card holes?

The area around the tray should be cleaned with a moist wipe or even a damp cloth. Additionally, you may effectively remove dirt from the crevasses by dabbing a cotton swab with a little bit of alcohol. Press the eject button with a paper clip or other ejection tool, and perhaps the tray will start working again.

Why isn’t my phone picking up my SIM card?

Verify that the SIM tray snaps shut securely and is not loose. It might not fit correctly if you use a SIM tray from an iPad, iPhone, or other phone maker with a different model. Test out a different SIM card. If you don’t have one, visit the retail location of your carrier and ask them to do a test using a different SIM card.

What happens if you touch a SIM card’s gold portion?

The SIM card may end up with fingerprints and be somewhat disorganized if you accidentally contact the gold portions of the SIM card. It is advised to avoid touching the gold sections of the SIM card since you want to contact with it as little as possible and avoid having to patch or clean up any damage.

What Not to Use While Cleaning a SIM Card?

Never use cleaning techniques for SIM cards that involve:

  • Acid of Any Kind
  • Rough Cloth
  • Anything that leaves residue

You must have to know that How Often Should A SIM Card Be Replaced.

How Often Does SIM Card Slot Required to Clean?

If you found any disturbance in the SIM network, then you might can clean your SIM and SIM card slot. After every 5-6 months of regular usage of a SIM card, You may clean your SIM card slot to perform proper functioning.

Is It Safe to Clean A SIM Card Slot?

If you know the proper way to clean out SIM card, then it is safe otherwise it may increase the chance of fault.

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