How To Clone A Sim Card With Only Phone Number?

In this high-tech generation, new tips and tricks are getting viral every day and from them, sim cloning is still on top. So, today we will tell you the best ways by which you can know how to clone a sim card in 2024. There are many ways to clone any phone number on an android device too but before that let me clear you one thing. 

Cloning sim cards is an illegal activity and this information is only for informational purposes. So without wasting any time let’s know how to do sim cloning in android or any device.

How To Clone A Sim Card With Only Phone Number?

There are many ways to clone it but using Ki and IMSI numbers will be the best way to do it. These secret codes enable users to know the number and authenticate the user ID. So, in order to clone your sim card with IMSI and KI numbers, you have to follow some steps.

Steps To Clone Sim Card With Only Number

  • Turn off your device.
  • Remove your sim card and copy the IMSI number available on the sim card.
  • Insert the sim card reader into your device.
  • Connect the sim card reader to your PC.
  • Let Ki number copy your content and wait.
  • When it gets done now you can use the twin sim card on your mobile.

How To Clone A Sim Using Sim Cloning Tool?

You might don’t know but there are various sim cloning tools available in the market. But choosing the best tool to clone your sim can be a tricky task to do. So now we will tell you about the best tool and how to clone a sim card with the tool automatically.

  • Download sim cloning tool by MOBILedit Forensic.
  • Remove the sim card from your phone.
  • Put your sim in the sim card clone device and connect it to the PC.
  • Run the sim cloning tool and click on the read sim button.
  • The data will be read and copy the data you need.
  • Now, connect the writable sim card and enable it with the data you have copied earlier.

How To Clone Phone Number With Programmable Cards?

Some time ago companies changed the way they manufacture their sim cards. After that, it is not possible to clone every sim card on your device. 

Let’s check the difference here, COMP128v1 can be cloned but COMP128v2 carries a secure firmware that enables cloning so hard. So to start sim cloning you need some components such as a blank sim programmable card, sim firmware writer, software, and targeted sim.

How To Clone Sim Card Remotely? – Steps Here

  • Install the Woron software and connect the sim card.
  • Get the targeted sim and configure Woron software.
  • Run the IMSI search and copy IMSI code.
  • Now, run ICC search and copy it down too.
  • Start KI key search and now remove the targeted sim card.
  • Download SIM-EMU software & go to configuration.
  • Now, add the details in it like KI, IMSI, & ICC number.
  • For ADN/SMS/FDN# (ADN= Abbreviated Dialing No./
  • SMS = No. of SMSes stored on SIM /
  • FDN = Fixed Dialing No.) Enter: 4 / 10 / 140
  • Select the write to disk button and name the file SuperSIM.HEX.
  • Name EEPROM file SuperSIM_EP.HEX and select the save button.
  • Install the card with a card reader and add the required files in the right fields.
  • Run the writing task and the sim cloning is ready.

How To Clone A Sim Card Without The Sim?

If you are thinking or trying to clone a sim without having a targeted sim card then wait. Without having a sim card you cannot clone it for sure. Because the IMSI and KI numbers that authenticates the user ID cannot be obtained without having a sim card.

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Is It Possible To Clone A Sim card?

Yes, users can clone their sim card by using the Ki and IMSI number available in their sim. But as we told you, now this activity is counted as an illegal activity. So we will advise you not to do this. However, for knowledge purposes, you can read this article where we have provided solutions for how to clone a sim card in various ways.

Can You Get 2 Sim Cards With The Same Number?

Yes, it is surely possible to get 2 sim cards with the same phone number. The code that authenticates user ID called KI and IPSI numbers can be used to clone 2 sims with the same number. So it means 2 users can use 2 sim cards with the same number on 2 android phones.

How To Clone A Sim Card Using Android Phones?

However, the sim cloning process is illegal in most countries. But still, there are many applications available there by which you can clone a sim card using an android phone. But it can be a complex task to do so we will suggest using a PC in order to clone a sim card phone number.

How To Clone A Sim Card Without Physical Access?

There is no way to clone any sim card without having physical access to the sim card number.

How To Duplicate Sim Card To Use Two Phones?

You Can use various applications and a sim card reader to clone your sim card in 2024.

Can I Clone A SIM Card With Only Phone Number?

Yes by using code that authenticates user ID called KI and IPSI number you can clone 2 sims with the same number.

Can A SIM Be Cloned Remotely?

Yes, a sim can be cloned remotely with the help of over-the-air (OTA) communication to break the encryption. It can be only done by hackers and you should not try this for sim cloning.

Is It Illegal To Clone A Sim Card?

Yes, it is illegal to clone a sim card or have 2 sim cards of the same number. A user should have only one sim card for one number.

Is Sim Cloning Without Sim Possible?

No, it is not possible to clone a sim card without having sim card. In order to clone sim cards you have to attach them with the cloning software.

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