How To Deactivate Tata Docomo Caller Tune In 2024?

Most of you might be familiar with the TATA Docomo. It is one of the telecom operators in India and was very popular during the previous decade. In 2017 it was taken over by Airtel and was operated under the name of Airtel. However, in some parts of the country, it is still operated as TATA Docomo. If you are one of its operators then knowing about the method to activate or deactivate TATA Docomo Caller Tune can help you a lot. Here, we will be discussing the same and will also tell you the Tata Docomo Caller Tune Number.

Does Tata Docomo Provide Caller Tune service?

Yes, like other Telecom operators, Tata Docomo also provides its users an option to set the caller tune or hello tune for all incoming calls. Enabling this service will let a person calling you to hear songs instead of the ordinary ringing bells. For availing of this service, a user only have to use the Tata Docomo User Number. We have mentioned this number in the further sections of this article, along with the method of using it.

Tata Docomo Caller Tune Number to Activate or Deactivate TATA Docomo Hello Tune through SMS

Tata Docomo provides an option to set a caller tune for all the incoming calls. For getting the benefit of this service, you have to just use the Tata Docomo Hello tune number 543211. It is the official number provided by Tata Docomo and can be used by any user residing within India. The procedure for using this number is outlined below. 

How to Deactivate Tata Docomo Caller Tune?

The procedure for removing the Tata Docomo hello tune is also very easy and you have to just go through the following steps:

  1. Just open your message app and type STOP and send it to the above-mentioned number 543211.
  2. Within 5-10 minutes, you will receive a message confirming that your request for removing the Docomo caller tune has been accepted.
  3. If this doesn’t work, you can contact the customer support team or customer care of Tata Docomo regarding the same.

Activate Tata Docomo Caller Tune through IVR

The above-mentioned method to activate Tata Docomo Caller Tune was quite simple. Besides, you can also set Tata Docomo Tune thorough call. For initiating the same, you have to just dial the following numbers:

  • For subscribing to this service, just dial the Tata Docomo IVR number 543211.
  • For setting a joke as caller tune, dial 5432112.
  • Dial 5432110 for setting one of the Top 10 Songs as Hello Tune.
  • Dialing 543215 will allow you to search a song for setting it as your Tata Docomo caller Tune.

So, these are toll free number dialing which will let you to set a Docomo Caller Tune.

Set Caller Tune through Tata Docomo Caller Tune App

Earlier, Tata Docomo launched a Caller Tune App for setting the caller tune with ease. However, this app was shut and isn’t currently available. This simply means that at present, you cannot set a Tata Docomo Caller Tune through an App. So, it is recommended to use the Tata Docomo Caller Tune Number toll-free for setting up caller tune either through IVR or through SMS.

Is Tata Docomo Caller Tune Service free?

Like other telecom operators, Tata Docomo allows all its users to set caller tune for all the incoming calls. And like other operators, it also charges some money from users for excising this service.

For availing of this service, a user will have to spend around ₹30. This is a recurring expense that will be charged on monthly basis. Apart from this, there is also a fixed charge of ₹15. A user will have to pay this amount, everytime he changes his Tata Docomo caller tune song.

So, these are the expenses that you may have to incur if you are willing to set a Caller Tune or Hello Tune on your Tata Docomo Number.

Can I Activate Tata Docomo Caller Tune online/through website?

Docomo doesn’t provide any dedicated app, although you can set caller tune online. For this, you have to just visit the official website of the Tata Docomo. Once you reach there, sign in with your Tata Docomo Number and this will take you to your user dashboard. There you can find multiple options, along with the option of setting the Tata Docomo Caller Tune.

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