How To Delete Sim Contacts? [Android / iPhone Mobile]

As it is often seen, we met new people every day and save their phone numbers in the SIM or phone. Like this, Hundreds of contacts may be saved or stored on a single SIM card. However, there are times when you need to permanently delete SIM contacts from your Android phone, such as when you wish to sell your old Android handset and upgrade to the latest Android device. In such instances, the first step is to totally remove everything from your Android phone, including confidential files.

It’s understandable if you like to delete some of the contacts on your SIM card. It will help you to organise your contacts list.

So, here in this post, we’ll show you a procedure for how to delete contacts from an Android phone’s SIM card.

Why Required to Remove or Delete SIM Card Contacts from Phone?

We frequently maintain hundreds of contacts. You don’t know how limited storage capacity on a SIM card is until it is filled up. If your contacts are simple and short, you can save roughly 200 to 250 of them. So to keep space and organize the contact list, you need to delete some unwanted contacts form SIM card.

Delete SIM Contacts in 7 Simple Steps

As there are numerous of Android phones, almost every smart android mobile phone have some procedure to delete contacts from SIM card.

For Android phone, follow step-by-step instructions to delete SIM contacts.

  • Open the Contacts app on your phone.
  • At Any contact, tap and hold on.
  • All contacts will have checkboxes in front of them.
  • To mark a contact, tap on it.
  • If you wish to erase all of the contacts on the list, press the select all from upper screen corner.
  • If it does not appear, hit the menu (three lines or three dots) in the upper right corner, then choose all.
  • Now, in the top right corner, hit the Trash icon and confirm if asked.

Note: Don’t checkbox the “Select All” option if you don’t want to delete all stored SIM contacts at once. Delete Unwanted contacts from SIM, one by one for a safer option.

But in some cases, there might be an issue while deleting SIM contact. The issue is that the Contacts app frequently displays all contacts (device storage + SIM card + Google + Hotmail + Mi/Xiaomi accounts, and so on). Then things start to get difficult for filtering contacts.

So, to solve this issue, here is a method to filter SIM contacts to delete or remove from phone.

Method 1. Delete Only SIM Card Contact From Android

  • Open Contacts by tapping on it.
  • Tap More in the top right corner (three dots).
  • Select the Customize view option from the drop-down list.
  • Choose Customize.
  • At the bottom, you should see a list of accounts, including Google, WhatsApp, Hotmail, and SIM contacts.
  • Remove the checkmark from all boxes after tapping on each account.
  • Select SIM1 or SIM2 if available, then press on the SIM card selection.
  • Depending on what’s available, check the box next to All contacts, All other contacts, or My Contacts.
  • Once, press the back button.
  • Following the methods mentioned above, mark one, more than one, or all contacts, and then delete them.

Method 2: MIUI Open Contacts on Xiaomi phones.

  • In the upper right corner, tap the More button (three dots).
  • Click on adjustments.
  • If it’s set off, toggle the icon net to Show SIM contacts to On.
  • Set up a contacts list by using the Set up contacts list button.
  • If you have two SIM cards, choose one.
  • Reopen Contacts by pressing the back button twice.
  • Depending on the option you selected, you should now only view SIM contacts from SIM1 or SIM2.
  • Using the above procedures, get rid of the contacts.

Method 3: Use Third-party Apps.

Installing apps through the Google Play Store is a method to organize contact list or delete unwanted contacts from your Android phone. SIM Contacts Manager, SIM Contacts, SIM Contacts, and SIM Card Information are just a few examples. But we don’t recommend using any of the third-party applications to delete SIM contacts.

How to Delete SIM contacts from iOS or iPhone?

You can’t, Delete SIM card contacts on iPhone or iOS. Because Apple does not allow this option since they want customers to use iCloud to sync their contacts with their Apple devices. Only importing contacts from a SIM card to an Apple iPhone, then deleting or editing them, is an option to remove your contact.

This, however, does nothing since the contacts are a replica of those on the SIM card rather than a direct relationship. The only solution is to erase the copy you created before removing the SIM card from an iPhone. After that, put the SIM card into an Android phone, remove the contacts there, and then import the contacts back into the iPhone or iOS.

How to Get Rid of All Old Contact?

Ordering a new SIM card is the simplest approach to remove all SIM contacts. It is only suggested to do when you are not required any of the old SIM contacts.

You can always back up your contacts using apps like Easy Backup for Android or iCloud.

How to Erase SIM Contacts one by one or all at once on your Android Phone?

Visit your Phone SIM contact list, from the upper left corner, tap on the “Edit” option. Checkboxes have appeared in front of all contacts. Now, click on select all or particular name (number) that you want to delete.

Hope after reading this full guide, help you out by knowing how to delete SIM contacts from Androids, iOS, or Phone. If you still have any issues related to your SIM, feel free to comment below.

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