How To Get ICCID Number In 2024?

If you are a prepaid SIM card user and use multiple SIM cards at a time then you might face some difficulty in managing them. To easily manage all these SIM cards, you might need the ICCID number of these SIMs. That’s why here we will tell you about the method of how to get ICCID number in 2024 of your SIM card. Also, we will tell you about the methods to get this unique SIM number for both Android and iPhone users. But before heading towards those steps, let’s know about this number in a bit more detail.

What Is ICCID number?

The Integrated Circuit Card Identification Number or ICCID is a unique number of each SIM card. It is a 16-20 digit long number that is unique to every SIM card. This number helps a SIM card to easily connect with the SIM card spectrum.

How Do I Find My ICCID Number?

There are several ways through which you can find the correct ICCID number of your SIM card. The major methods out of them are as follows:

By Physically Ejaculation SIM Card

The first and easiest method that you can use to find ICCID number is to check out your SIM card. For this, just remove the SIM card from your device. After this, on the backside of your SIM card, you can get ICCID number of your SIM card.

This method is quite easy and can help you to get your SIM card number within a few minutes.

However, there might be some situation when you could not remove your SIM card or the ICCID number get removed from your SIM. In that situation, it is suggested to use the methods that we have provided in the next part.

By Check Phone’s Settings

You can also find ICCID number without SIM card on your device. However, the steps to get this SIM card number is different for both Android and iOS devices and are as follows:

How To Get ICCID On iPhone?

To get your SIM card number on an iOS device, you just need to go through the following steps:

  1. Open your phone’s settings app.
  2. There follow the path General > About.
  3. Now, it will display various attributes of your device including your ICCID number.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow to get your ICCID SIM card number on iPhone. 

How To Find ICCID Number On Android?

You can also get the ICCID number on your Android device by following the same steps mentioned above. However, in some cases the ICCID remains hidden and you cannot get it through the above mentioned steps. In that case, you need to install an external app.

One of the best app for the same case if SIM Data Reader. Using this app will easily let you to find SIM card number on Android 10 and other Android device. This method can also work on all methods of Samsung along with other Android smartphones.

How To Find 20 Digits SIM Card Number?

To find the 20 Digit SIM card code, you just need to checkout the backside of your SIM card.

Why You Should Know Your ICCID SIM Code?

It is a very crucial and is required to easily let your SIM card easily connect with a spectrum network. Also, this number is used for the authentication of a SIM card.

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