How to Increase JioFi Speed 2024? Jiofi Speed Increase

Here, I am going to tell you about the most easiest way to speed up JioFi. It generally happens that your JioFi internet speed slows down, in that case, every user tries to search for how to increase JioFi speed 2024.

By following this method, you will definitely be going to get amazing results, So let’s jump into our main topic: How to Increase JioFi Speed 2024? But before this takes an overview of JioFi and why users face issues in this?

JioFi Overview

JioFi is a portable 4G router/modem that allows many devices to connect, including 3G/4G/5G smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart LED TVs, and more. A tethering channel allows upto 10 different devices to JioFi from a single handset. So that all of JIO’s 4G LTE services are available. JioFi has a standard 2300 mAh battery that can last up to 8 hours.

Now let’s come to the topic, why user Faces slow internet issue on jiofi devices.

Reasons Behind the Slow JioFi Internet Data Speed

The following are some of the major factors that impact JioFi internet data speed:

  • The Power of the Signal in your Region

As Jio introducing the new network towers every month, if in case there is no network tower in your nearby locality then you will get a low signal. So it is preferable to switch with another internet service provider. Or It can also happen that you have reached the daily data limit which results in slow connectivity. In that case, you need to recharge with a new additional data pack or can wait for the next day to get back daily data usage.

  • Configuration of JioFi Device / Modem / 4G Router – Settings.

If you have changed any JioFi device setting, please back to the default settings so that your internet speed will be good and you will receive JioFi once it is packaged. Hope with this default setting, JioFi Speed Increase like a new one. If still not, then don’t be worried get the solution below.

  • A Faulty JioFi Device, Modem, or 4G Router.

If your Jiofi device or router has fallen then, there may be a chance it may get damaged, which leads to not working properly.

  •  Difference in JioFi and Devices Connected

The distance between the connected device and the JioFi 4G router maybe your one of the major reasons to slow internet speed. The Jio internet speed will be decreased, as you move the device more than 10-12 meters from the JioFi router. So, it is always suggested to stay within 8-10 meters of the JioFi router to get an excellent internet connection.

Number of Devices Connected with Single JioFi Modem or Router

As you can connect more than 10 devices with JioFi WiFi router devices. However, we should not recommend to anyone to connect too many devices. The more devices you connect to the JioFi 4G WiFi, the more slower you get the internet speed.

Now, comes to the point, that how to increase Jiofi speed. The answer is: By changing Jio APN settings.

How to Increase JioFi Speed 2024?Practically

Even if you don’t find out the above fault in your router and does not improve the Jiofi internet speed that, don’t worry; we’ll do some APN settings. Which will definitely enhance your internet speed.

Method:1 JioFI Speed Increase

Follow the steps below carefully to easily increase Jiofi speed in less than 2 mins: –

  • Go to the browser and visit the Jiofi login page.
  • Enter your valid username and password. Default username ID and password as Administrator.
  • Then select Setting > LTE > APN from list.
  • Now change the APN network from automatic to manual.
  • The final step is to switch your IP address to IPV4 and then click the Apply setting button.

That’s all there is to do it. Now you have successfully upgraded the setting to get maximum Jiofi internet speed.

But if you can’t find any improvement in the Jiofi speed, then make sure you continue to the next method to increase Jiofi speed 2024.

Method:2 How to increase jiofi speed 2024

  • If you are not login into Jiofi portal, then login now.
  • Use default username and password as Administrator or sign with your username and password.
  • Then choose Settings > Network > Wifi from the sidebar list.
  • Set the channel to 11 (2.462Ghz) and then save settings.

Note: Don’t change any other setting besides this.

After, doing this step, You can test your Jiofi speed and identify that you have successfully boosted up the speed. Your Jiofi speed will surely rise after adjusting these settings.

Still, you face any issues, you can comment below or can also browse for our other related articles to resolve any other issues. Like: Jio Offer Check Code 2024, Jio Last 5 Call Details and many other information available.

Even you can also submit a service request by clicking ‘Service Request’ from your profile name from the login page or contact the support team via Jio Customer Care Number.

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