How To Tell If You Have Been Sim Swapped in 2024?

You wouldn’t believe how many people there are who could want to steal your phone number. Perhaps at first look you don’t think it’s a huge concern, but what if we told you that they can also access your social media, email, and bank accounts?

Does this statement fear you? Nothing to be worried about. Here we are guiding how to tell if you have been sim swapped.

The SIM swapping turns into worse disaster. And for that reason, we’ll explain how to find a SIM swap and advice on how to prevent it.

Important Note: SIM Swapping is difficult to undo anything once, your phone has been hacked, but it is not impossible to take all reasonable precautions to avoid it.

Let’s go on to discover more about SIM swapping:

What Do You Mean By Term SIM Swapping?

At the most essential level, a SIM hijacker persuades your mobile provider to migrate your phone number to their SIM card during a SIM exchange. Fraudsters can quickly access your most private accounts by transferring those incoming messages and passing text-based two-factor authentication tests.

How to Yourself Prevent SIM Swapping in 2024?

  • Phishing messages – Always use caution while selecting which websites to visit and what information to submit to them. If you are unsure about the source of an email’s request for information, do not reply. You will provide the thief access to information like usernames and passwords if you do it.
  • Don’t Open Spam Links – You should be cautious about the kinds of websites and links you access, as we’ve already explained above. Links that include malicious software packages can be made by hackers, giving them access to control your device. Simply delete any message from an unknown number that asks you to click to obtain a promotion or something similar right away.
  • Don’t Download Anything From Untrusted Source – We advise you to only download programmes from trusted sources. There is an app called App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android phones. All of the programs available for download within these platforms have been tested and are free of viruses and harmful links.
  • Add PIN Code – We advise adding a PIN number or password to your wireless account as one item. The majority of mobile service providers provide this choice to help in safeguarding customer accounts. For further security, we also advise against using dates with digits, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

How To Know If You Have Been Sim Swapped?

Here are all the indicators that can help you determine whether someone is trying to steal your information or has already done so:

  • Your social media posts have changed, as you’ve noticed. Keep in mind that after your SIM card has been stolen, the hackers will have access to information like your social network login and password. Now they may bother you by deleting or adding new posts.
  • You are unable to place calls or send and receive texts. The old SIM card should stop functioning once the other individual receives the new one. We advise you to get in touch with your cell operator right away if you are unable to receive a signal on your phone.
  • You are unable to access your accounts. Social media, email, and bank accounts are all included in this. One of the first things that criminals do when they get the necessary information is alter your account credentials so you no longer have access. When fraudsters get access to your bank account, the largest issue arises because they may then take money from it.

So, when you found any SIM swapping without your information, you have to block your old SIM card from the operator and file a complaint against the scammer.

What Happens When You Get SIM Swapped?

SIM swapping occurs when fraudsters approach the provider of your mobile phone and try and convince them to activate a SIM card that belongs to the scammers. After that, the fraud person have control over your phone number. This number will connect to the scammer’s device, not your smartphone, when someone calls or texts it.

How Common Is SIM Swapping?

The FBI received 1,611 allegations of SIM swapping throughout the course of 2021, with damages reaching more than $68 million. In comparison, there were just 320 SIM swapping-related complaints throughout the course of the full two-year period from January 2018 to December 2020, with victims suffering losses totaling around $12 million.

How Does SIM Swap Attack Happen?

SIM swapping, commonly referred to as SIM jacking, is an illegal method of obtaining someone’s mobile number. It occurs when a criminal persuades the owner of your cellular carrier to move your phone number to another SIM card, often one they own. If they are successful, you will obviously be at a disadvantage.

Can you prevent a SIM swap in 2024?

The best way to stop SIM swapping in 2024 on your account. By adding a PIN code or password to your wireless account, you may reduce the possibility that someone will be able to access your account and take over your phone number. The option to add a PIN code is available from T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

How long does a SIM swap take?

If your old SIM is broken, lost, or stolen, or if you want a different size SIM for your new handset, a SIM swap enables you to transfer your number to a replacement SIM. During rush hours, a SIM change may take up to 24 hours to complete, although it normally happens much sooner.

Does SIM swap Keep your number?

If you switch networks, you must request a PAC code from your previous network and provide it to your new network within 30 days after your switch. Your phone number will be transferred to your new SIM by your new network.

What Information Can Someone Get From Your SIM Card?

Your phone contacts, text messages, and even access to other important data, like your banking information, may all be found on any SIM card.

Hope after this, you have got an answer to the query that How To Tell If You Have Been Sim Swapped and the precaution that you have to take to prevent your SIM from these harmful activities.

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