How To Transfer Jio Balance To Another Jio Number

Same as other telecom companies millions of Jio users also want to transfer Jio balance to another Jio number. But it can be so complex to transfer Jio Talktime balance to another Jio number. The balance transfer process of Jio is a bit different from other telecom services. In some of the cases, users also want to share Jio balance with other telecom services like idea and airtel.

But unfortunately, non of the company allows users to pass balance from one telecom network to another. Telecom companies only provide services to transfer the balance and other benefits to the same network numbers.

Jio To Jio Balance Transfer Kaise Kare | Jio To Jio Balance

First of all, activate your Jio data service and follow these steps to transfer Jio balance to another Jio Sim.

  • Install My Jio application on your device. 
  • Open My Jio application and Sign in with your Jio number.
  • On the top left side of your screen, open the My Jio application dashboard.
  • Click on the menu bar there and open the My Vouchers option.
  • Now, add any plan of Jio and pay via any payment method you want.
  • On the My Vouchers screen, you can see a transfer option button.
  • Click on the transfer option and after adding a voucher it will allow you to transfer the Jio benefits to another Jio number.
  • Now just follow the instructions to transfer the main balance to another Jio number.

How to Transfer Internet Data from Jio Phone to Jio Phone

The Jio telecom service allows its users to transfer Jio phone data to another phone Jio. You might now Jio 1.5 GB internet data and unlimited voice calls in their best packs. But if you are thinking about transferring your Unlimited Jio data balance to another Jio Sim. You cannot do it, you have to recharge with an additional pack on your number through My Jio App.

The Jio telecom services also don’t allow you to use any Jio USSD code to transfer Jio data. You have to do it manually from the My Jio application from your mobile.

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How can I Transfer Main balance from Jio to Airtel?

There are hundreds of Jio users who ask about how to transfer balance from Jio to airtel. But unfortunately, as we have above said, any of the telecom companies do not allow their users to transfer their balance to other company sims.

Jio is a well-known company that represented itself as a brand name by providing free data to new users. So we advise you to buy a new Jio sim to get the best offers of Jio telecom services. 

How To Transfer Internet Data From Jio To Airtel

None of the Telecom Company allows you to transfer your sim benefits with another telecom sim. But you can use its alternate way to transfer Jio data to Airtel sim number.

Yes, you can use the unofficial way that is using Jio personal hotspot. Jut request the user to activate its hotspot of Jio sim mobile and then connect to it. It is not like transferring actual Jio internet to Airtel but it will work on any telecom sim for sure.

Jio Balance and Data Transfer USSD Code Number

Jio Talktime balance transfer USSD code allows you to transfer Jio main balance to another Jio number. It is just a specific code to share your Jio data balance with other Jio users. You just need to dial the special Jio USSD code to share your Jio Talktime o data balance. 

According to the officials, Jio telecom company still has not updated their databases information related to this. But as soon as the company gives Jio Balance transfer Ussd code we will update it here ASAP. 

Jio To Jio Data Transfer CodeWill be Available Soon
FAQs About Jio Balance Transfer To Another Jio Phone Number or Airtel Sim

After reading all information, if you still have any questions then wait. Here are some of the popular queries about it that can so helpful to you.

Can I transfer my Jio balance to another Jio number?

Yes, you can make it happen via the My Jio application. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and transfer your Jio Talktime.

What Is Jio Talktime and data balance code?

It is a specific or special code provided by a company that allows you to transfer your Jio data and Talktime to another Jio sim.

Can I transfer my Jio balance to idea sim?

No, it is not possible for any telecom company user to transfer their balance or data to another telecom service user.

Jio to Jio balance transfer Kaise Kare?

Above we have mentioned it to know “Jio to Jio balance transfer Kaise Kare” easily.

What Is Jio To Jio Data Transfer Code 2022?

It is a specific code that allows you to send your Jio data/main balance to another Jio user.

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