Jio Me Port Offer 2024

If you are not a JIo user then you might be thinking about porting your sim into a Jio sim. If yes then here is the Jio me port offer 2024 by which any user can port hir/her number in Jio sim with so ease. This offer includes many benefits as well as plans to provide monetary benefits to the new Jio users.

Do We Get Free Recharge After Porting To Jio?

Yes, you will get free recharge after porting your sim to Jio. According to our research team, you will have to pay some porting charges and the cost of the first recharge on your new Jio sim number. So you can say that the first recharge or your Jio sim is free because they have changed the plan cost with the porting cost. However, you will also get some benefits mentioned in Jio me port offer details.

What Is The Cost Of Porting To Jio in 2024?

The cost of porting to Jio is Rs 19 only that you have to pay to the company. This is the genuine porting cost that can compare with other companies. You might don’t know but every telecom company charges a little amount from their users to provide them with a new plastic sim case. So if you are thinking that what is this money get charged from you then it can be the cost of new Jio sim manufacturing.

How To Port Your Jio Sim Online At Home?

Yes by using the online services you can port your Jio number online. You can use many websites to get your sim delivered to your home and is one of them. This company claims to be the fastest sim delivery network and it will give you your new sim within 2 hours of confirmation in selected cities. You can port your sim to any telecom provider available in India 10digi will provide you home delivery of your new sim card number.

if in case you have port your SIM to jio and even after few hours, your sim has not started then you may use the Jio Tele Verification Number to start your jio service.

Benefits of Jio Me Port Offer 2024

You will get some benefits with Jio me port offer if you port your sim number into Jio.

  • Access to India’s 4G network.
  • Access to India’s first 4G voice connection that enables clean voices and hearings.
  • Cheap plans to access the internet and voice call on your number.
  • Get complimentary services by Jio.
  • Instant KYC using the eKYC feature.

What Are The Offers For Porting To Jio?

You will get some general benefits such as a 4G internet connection on your number. You can also enjoy the first 4G calling feature on your number that gets provided by the Jio telecom company. So yes there are some little but important services and benefits you will get with Jio me port offer in 2024. Else you might also use Jio Offer Check Code to know more about available offers.

Is Jio Me Port Offer Different Than MNP Offer?

No, the Jio me port offer is the other name its MNP offers. You can read about both of the terms at its official site but you will get the same results with both jio offers. So if you are thinking that Jio me port offer has some other benefits than the MNP offer then you are going wrong here.

How Much Time It Will take To Port My Sim To Jio?

Porting Your sim to Jio can take up to 3 days if you have done all the steps in the correct ways. But mainly it completely depends on your previous telecom service providers when they provide you the porting code of your sim. As soon as you will get the code you will be able to go with the Jio me port offer.

How Many Days It Will Take To Activate My New Jio Sim?

Your sim gets activated instantly on the next day of your previous sim deletion.

Can I Choose My First Jio Plan After Porting?

Yes, the customer executive will ask you that which plan you want to activate on your new Jio number.

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