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If you are a Jio user and are not happy with the service of Jio then there is a huge Jio to Airtel Port Offer Prepaid going on. With the help of this offer, all the users will be able to enjoy amazing benefits while porting their Jio number to Airtel. All the necessary details regarding this Jio to Airtel Port Offer 2021 are mentioned further. So, it is suggested to read this full article for knowing more about this offer.

Can I Port Jio To Airtel?

Yes, you can port your Jio number to Airtel. All the telecom service providers operating in India provide liberty to their users to port their number to any other number. A user can freely port his number from one operator to any other desired operator. However, for initiating the same a user might have to pay some charges that are subject to the policies of telecom operators. Although, in most cases, you will find this service completely free.

Why Port Jio To Airtel?

There might be many reasons a user should want to port from Jio to Airtel like slow internet or network interruptions. It is once suggested to use the Jio 5G APN settings. If that doesn’t work for you then you can use the Jio to Airtel Port number to port Jio SIM to Airtel.

What Is The Offer For Porting To Airtel?

Before switching to Airtel, many users wonder what are the offers for porting to Airtel. As mentioned earlier, if you are a Jio user then you can freely switch to Airtel. And for attracting more and more users, Airtel also provides some amazing offers like same-day SIM delivery, no service charge, activating SIM in just 48 hours, access to some special Airtel MNP plans. These are the major advantages of getting access to this Jio to Airtel Port Offer Prepaid. This Jio to Airtel port offer is valid for both postpaid and prepaid users and below you can get to know about it in detail.

Jio To Airtel Port Offer 2021 Postpaid

All the Jio postpaid users can port their number to Airtel. And the best thing is that due to the latest Airtel to Jio Port offer, this service is completely free. The other benefits linked to this offer are:

  • You can port your number to Airtel in just three simple steps and will also get your Airtel SIM delivered within the same day.
  • For acquiring the Airtel SIM, you will not be charged anything.
  • Your SIM card will get activated within 48 hours of porting.
  • There won’t be any daily data limit and you will be billed at the end of each month.
  • You can get access to some exciting Airtel Postpaid plans and we have mentioned those plans further.

Airtel MNP Plans For The Postpaid Users

There are two Airtel MNP plans to which a user can get access through Jio to Airtel Port Offer:

For Single User: This is a single-user plan and costs around ₹499 per month. The key features of this plan are:

  • Unlimited local and national calling
  • Free-roaming + 100 Daily SMS
  • 75GB Monthly data
  • One year handset protection
  • Subscription of Airtel Xstream, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar VIP

For Family: You can also get a family plan that includes all the above-mentioned features. Additionally, that plan will be for 4 users and will provide up to 150GB of monthly data.

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Jio To Airtel Port Offer Prepaid

The major benefits that a prepaid user can get through this Jio to Airtel Port Offer Prepaid are:

  • Same day SIM delivery and doorstep KYC.
  • Free of cost.
  • The first recharge of just ₹297 and will last for 28 days.
  • Access to Airtel Xstrem App and Wynk Music.
  • Unlimited Calls to both Airtel and Non-Airtel operators.
  • 1.5 GB data and 100 SMS for each day till the plan lasts.

So, these are the major benefits that you can enjoy by availing of the Jio to Airtel Port offer or Jio to Airtel Port Offer Prepaid at the time of switching to Airtel.

What Is The Jio To Airtel Port Process?

For porting your Jio number to Airtel, just go through the following steps:

  1. Type a message with the body ‘PORT’ <space> ‘Your Number’ and send it to the Jio USSD Code 1900.
  2. Soon you will receive a UPC (Unique Portability Code) from the number 1901. This code will be valid for up to 4 days.
  3. Now visit any of the nearest Airtel store or go to the official Airtel website.
  4. Provide all the necessary details along with the UPC code and your Jio SIM will get ported to Airtel within a week.

How To Port Jio to Airtel Without Sending SMS?

You can also port your number Jio to Airtel without sending SMS. And the best thing is that Jio to Airtel Port Offer 2021 will still be applicable for you. For doing the same you just have to:

  1. Visit the website of Airtel from where you can port your number. And for reaching there just click here.
  2. After reaching there, just click on the MNP plans operation as according to the nature of operator. If you are a Prepaid user then click on Airtel MNP plans and in case of Postpaid user, click on the Airtel MNP plans Postpaid.
  3. Now select any of the desired plans and this will take you to the registration page.
  4. Now, fill the form and submit it. After doing this, you will soon receive a message from Airtel.
  5. You have to just now follow the further instruction and this will help you to port your number by availing of the Jio to Airtel Port Offer 2021.

How Much Does It Cost To Port To Airtel?

At present, this service Jio to Airtel Port Offer Prepaid is completely free. For availing of this service, you don’t even have spend a single penny.

Q. Can I Port My Jio SIM To Airtel Online?

Yes, you can do the same online. For porting your Jio SIM to Airtel, you have to visit the official website to Airtel where you have to fill the SIM porting form. After that, you will receive some instructions for getting access to Jio to Airtel Port Offer Prepaid.

Q. Is There Any Offer For Porting Airtel To Jio?

Yes, there is an available Airtel to Jio port offer. For knowing more about this offer, you can visit the official website of Jio.

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