Mint Mobile Data Not Working 2024 – 5 Easy Methods

Are you facing Mint Mobile data not working issue? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here, we will tell you about the methods that will help you to resolve your Mint Mobile data issues. Also, these methods will work for all kind of net issues including international and trail data. Moreover, the methods that we will tell you will even work on Android and iOS devices for you. However, before heading towards the solutions, let’s first know why this Mint Mobile data stopped working issue arises.

Why Is My Mint Mobile Data Not Working?

There are various reasons due to which your Mint Mobile data might have stopped working. The major reasons out of them are as follows:

  • Misplaced SIM Card: The very first reason could be the misplaced or displaced SIM card.
  • No Network Coverage: The second reason could be the unavailable of network. This might happened when you visit a remote location.
  • Use Of Proxy: If you are using any proxy or VPN then too you can face Mint Mobile data not working issue.
  • Termination Of Services: The last reason could be the termination of your services. Or your existing plan might have expired.

So, these are some of the top reasons because of which you can face Mint Mobile data not working on both Android and iOS devices. Below, we have provided the possible solutions for this issue.

How To Fix Mint Mobile Data Stopped Working Issue On Android And iOS Device?

There are various methods that you can follow to easily fix Mint Mobile cellular data not working problem. These are as follows:

Turn Off/On Your Device

The very first method that you can try using is to simply turn off and on your Android and iOS device. Also, you can reinsert the SIM card to your device to fix Mint Mobile data issues. Both of these methods will work for you if your SIM card is misplaced or you visit any remote location.

Disconnect Proxy Or Any VPN

If you are using any proxy or VPN then it is also suggested to use switch it off. Sometimes, VPN can cause trouble for your device in connecting with Mint Mobile. Switching it off will help you to resolve the Mint Mobile data not working issue. Also, using a cheap low quality VPN can be the cause of this issue. That’s why we suggested you to use some of the best VPN’s like NordVPN to avoid such issue.

Checking Subscription

The next thing that you can try is to check your subscription. Even, if you have an active subscription, you can face Mint Mobile data stopped working issue as your have exhausted the provided data limited. So, it is always suggested to make sure that you have an active internet connection.

Applying Mint Mobile APN

If you have an active connection and still face Mint Mobile data issues, then it is suggested to change APN settings. You can apply new Mint Mobile APN settings or can just switch Mint Mobile MMS port. This will help you to fix Mint Mobile no network connection issue and will make internet faster for you.

Contacting Support

If none of the above mentioned methods work for you then the last thing that you can try is to contact the support of Mint Mobile. For this, just dial the Mint Mobile customer care number 800-683-7392 or have a chat with its support team.

So, these are the various methods that you can use to fix the Mint Mobile data not working issue on Android and iOS device. You can try any of these methods to fix the internet issue of Mint Mobile.

How To Fix Mint Mobile Internet Data Not Working Issue?

You can face this kind of issue if you haven’t enabled the international data roaming. It is suggested to visit your phone’s settings app, there select the preferred SIM card and switch on the Mint Mobile international data.

Why My Mint Mobile Data Stopped Working?

Your data plan has expired or your SIM is not inserted properly. These are the possible reasons for Mint Mobile data not working.

Why Is Mint Mobile Trial Data Not Working?

This might happen as you have exhausted the full amount of trial data provided to you.

How Do I Activate Data On Mint?

To activate data on Mint, you just need to change your APN settings. Also, you can contact support for the same.

What Time Does Mint Mobile Data Reset?

The Mint Mobile data usually resets on 30th day for 3 months or 6 months plan. Whereas, for 12 months plan, it resets on the last day of month.

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