5 Best Mobile Strategies Recommended For Small Businesses

Digital marketing is a broad term that you will often come across in the internet marketing space and it umbrellas many channels of marketing. Even though marketing varies from one industry to another, there are some common features when it comes to digital marketing.

The majority of the internet users in the world are using mobile. It is for this reason that mobile marketing has sprouted in the recent past. 

Mobile marketing involves advertising your products or services to mobile or tablet users. When it comes to this Mobile marketing, there are many strategies that can be employed. However, for better conversion and good customer relationships, you will need to blend some of these proven strategies in your digital marketing.

Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing has allowed businesses to target customers at a personal level either online or offline.

Since people have GPS enabled in their devices, it has become easier for organizations to target them based on their location. Some of the types of Location-based marketing include geotargeting, geofencing, and beaconing.

There are many benefits associated with this kind of marketing, one main being the high possibility of personalization of message and high engagement level among the targeted audience because of the right timing. 

Responsive Website designs

A good website for business has to be mobile-friendly or have responsive designs for mobile users and have good loading speed. 

Besides that, a website needs to have responsive content for mobile users, have short content, catchy headlines, and good images on the website.

Whenever you do this, you will boost your customer user experience and you will have higher chances of conversion on the website.

One of the recommended techniques is to implement AMP in your website for easier loading speed.

Text Message Marketing

This is using SMS to pass marketing information to your intended mobile users. It is also called SMS marketing and it has the highest return on investment especially if your company runs coupons regularly for your products or services.

Text Messaging has been widely adopted because of its effectiveness in delivering the message fast and high open rate among the recipients.

If you want to use text messaging in your business, you will need to identify a bulk SMS provider and get a package of SMS that will meet your needs. 

Something to note with text messaging is that it is often limited to 160 characters and you will need to be good in drafting short texts with complete information. 

Vertical Videos and GIFs

Unlike in the past, where you were supposed to read magazines to reach out to customers. Nowadays, customers want vertical videos that illustrate your product’s description or offers. They don’t mind watching long videos, provided it is a high-quality video and explains everything about the product or services, they are ready to watch.

Due to the fact that many mobile users use mobile, horizontal videos receive little engagement as compared to vertical videos.

Thus, for better engagement and conversion a business needs to implement vertical videos and GIFs in their content and when doing advertising across different channels. You can also optimize those videos to be displayed in search results. You can also check the best backlink generation strategies that will surely help you a lot.

Social media Advertising

Social media is a place you don’t want to miss when looking for leads for your business. This is because, most of the mobile users have either one or two social media platforms installed in their phones.

Targeting customers through social media is a good idea since most customers always start interacting with your brand while on social media. That is right from discovery, purchase, and retention. Social media plays a critical role. As a business, you either have an option to build your social media team that understands your business and knows how social media works for you to ripe maximum benefits. Alternatively, you can consult social media agency that has all the tools and resources to skyrocket your business with social media marketing.

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