No Service Validity Means [Vi – Vodafone Idea]

If you are using Vi SIM, have you ever faced an issue of No Service Validity message appearing on your screen. Then no need to worry about it, here we will share a detailed guide for what does No service validity mean in Vi (Vodafone Idea).

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What Does No Service Validity Mean in 2024?

When a Vi user recharges their phone, the user gets the validity period for use of the service. When this service validity period is over the Vi user can’t able to make or receive calls or messages until the plan is renewed.

This is why the Vodafone Idea No Service Validity message appears.

What is No Service Validity in 2024?

No Service Validity, Simply signifies that the service is not valid. In that case, the phone cannot dial or receive the call and messages. You may learn more about Vodafone Idea (Vi) customer support here.

I Think you should must have to know some other related words, that you may have listen while using Vi services.

What is the Service Validity of VI Mobile Recharge?

The user must also understand what Vodafone No Service Validity means. It is crucial to understand the different service validity kinds in this aspect. Having No Service Validity must be followed by all telecom companies. However these fall into four categories.

  • NA Service Plan
  • Service Validity Plan
  • Existing Validity plan
  • No outgoing SMS plan

What Does Validity NA Mean for VI Recharges?

The complete meaning of NA is Not Applicable Vi Recharge, that the plan consists of unlimited validity is not applicable and that it has no expiration date.

But, there is no advantage to doing a NA validity recharge because it would be useless without a valid service validity recharge plan.

In short, You have to double recharge because you must complete the service validity recharge plan in order to access the services.

Service Validity Recharge: What Is It?

The Vi Service Validity Recharge is a plan that gives you access to the services, but only for a short period of time. All talktime plans and unlimited recharge plans are service validity plans, as are the majority of talktime plans.

You won’t be able to access any Vi services until your service validity recharge plan is active on your phone number. On your number, even incoming calls would not work.

Therefore, in order to keep your phone number active, you must recharge it using the service validity recharge plan.

Hence, if there is a service validity recharge plan, neither No service validity nor NA Validity service plans will work.

What Do You Mean By No Outgoing SMS Recharge Plan?

If the No Outgoing SMS Recharge plan is recharged on your Vi phone number, you are unable to send messages to anyone.

So, if you have done a recharge with the “No outgoing SMS” plan enabled, then no SMS may be sent from your number to anyone.

And you just need to recharge another plan under which you get outgoing SMS. if you want to send SMS.

But you may still be able to receive messages from anyone.

What Is A Plan Recharge With Existing Validity?

The current validity plan is only effective and valid while you are on your current recharge schedule for service validity. This implies that till the date of your Talktime or data validity, your new pack recharge with the existing validity recharge plan will also end at the same time.

What Do You Mean BY No Service Validity Vi?

A customer receives a few days of service validity when they recharge their phone. Even if there is a balance in the phone, the person will be unable to make or receive calls once the validity period has expired.

When Should A No Service Validity Plan be Recharged?

You can use the No service validity recharge plan, if your service validity recharge plan has exceeded its expiration date but your services have already been used up or your daily data pack is restricted on any given day.

Why Should You Avoid Recharging Your NA Validity Service?

You shouldn’t recharge the NA Validity service because if you do, you’ll also need to recharge the service validity plan to maintain all of your services, including calls, internet, and SMS, active.

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I Hope, you are now able to know what does No Service Validity Means or Validity NA Means recharge plan for Vodafone, Idea, and Airtel.

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