How To Port Vi To Airtel – Vi To Airtel Port Offer 2024

Are you a Vi sim user and want to port your sim into Airtel? If yes then this article will be the best place by which you can do this work. Because today we will talk about how to port Vi to Airtel sim in 4 easy steps. We will also let you know about the Vi to Airtel port offer 2024 so you can make your decision in the better way possible.

How Do I Port My Sim Vi To Airtel In 2024?

Below here we have provided the step-by-step process to port vi to Airtel easily.

Use MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

In order to port Vi to Airtel first, you have to access the MNP service on your number. To get this service you can use your message application. Just open the message and write “PORT” SPACE “Your Number” and send it to 1900. Keep one thing in your mind that is to type PORT in capital letters instead of small.

Get Your Unique Porting Code

After using the MNP service on your number now you will receive a UPC code. Save this message containing the UPC and visit your nearest Airtel store for further proceedings. Be careful with the message having UPC in order to continue the VI to Airtel port process.

Visit Nearest Airtel Store

After receiving the UPC now you have to visit the Airtel store. Remember to carry some of your identification documents in order to port Vi to Airtel sim. You must carry these documents we have mentioned below:

  • Passport size photo
  • Address proof copy
  • Identity proof (Adhar Card, License, PAN Card)
  • Copy of last paid VI bill if you were a postpaid sim user.

At the store ask any Airtel customer executive to help you with your Vi to Airtel port process. They will also provide you benefits of Vi to Airtel port offer 2024 so you can know a bit more about your services. After paying Rs 19 porting charge you will receive a new sim from Airtel company with your previous number.

Activate New Airtel Sim

After your documents get verified within 4 to 7 days you will finally receive an SMS with a code for further use. Now, put your new Airtel sim into your phone and restart your device. Call on 59059 and verify the code you have got before to activate your new AIrtel sim number. Now, you are done with Vi to Airtel port process and you can start using your sim card.

How Can I Port Vi To Airtel Online?

In order to port Vi to Airtel online, you can use the home delivery service or Airtel company. Complete the 3 steps and you will get your sim delivered to your address on the same day. You can also track your sim location after with the Vi to Airtel port online offer in 2024.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Vodafone To Airtel?

The Vi to Airtel port process will just cost you Rs. 19 that you have to pat to the Airtel company. With it, you may have to pay the price of any Airtel plan you want to activate on your new Airtel sim. So you can say that the cost of Vi to airtel port offer 2024 is so cheap as compared to other companies.

How To Port Vi To Airtel Without Visiting Store?

If you want to port Vi sim to Airtel without visiting store then you can use the online method of porting. Yes, the Airtel company provides an online way to port any sim to Airtel. They will deliver your Airtel sim if you use the vi port to airtel offer online.

How To Port My Vi To Airtel Without Sending Sms?

If you are thinking that you can port your Vi sim to Airtel without sending SMS then wait. There is no way by which you can port from Vi to Airtel sim without sending any SMS to the company. Because the MNP process can only be activated by the SMS that should be sent from your Vi number.

You might want to know about the Jio to Airtel Port Offer 2024 by which you will get some benefits when porting your Jio sim to Airtel. However, the same goes for the Jio company, just know about the Jio Me Port Offer and the company will provide you some benefits.

How To Port Vi To Airtel Prepaid Online?

To port my vi sim to Airtel prepaid online you can use the simple steps we have provided above in this post.

How To Port Vi Postpaid To Airtel Postpaid?

You can simply use the Vi to Airtel port offer 2024 service in order to port your vi sim easily.

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