Samsung Factory Reset Code – How To Hard Reset Samsung

Samsung devices get secured with the security code that protects the data stored inside them. If you have forgotten that code then in this article we will provide you with the Samsung factory reset code that will restore the Samsung phone to its factory settings. This code is also get called a Samsung hard reset code.

What Is Samsung Factory Reset Code?

The Samsung factory reset code is *2767*2878# and is also known as the Samsung master reset code. With the help of this code, you can reset your Samsung device & keeps your data as well.

You can also use another code to reset your Samsung mobile which is *2767*3855#. But using this factory reset code for Samsung may wipe your data out completely. So, it’s your choice to select which Samsung reset code you have to use.

Factory Reset Code For Samsung Old Mobiles

If you have an old model of Samsung company then you have to use the #*7728# Samsung keypad phone reset code. This code is different from the main reset code of Samsung mobile that we have mentioned above here.

You can use this code on Samsung devices older than the 2010 year. However, if you are not able to use this code then you can still try the above-provided Samsung factory reset code.

When Should You Factory Reset Your Samsung Device?

There can be various reasons for which you have to factory reset your Samsung mobile.

  1. When your Samsung device gets locked or already has been locked.
  2. When you have forgotten your Samsung mobile password.
  3. You want to sell your Samsung mobile to someone.
  4. When your mobile gets frozen frequently due to less space or load.

These are the reasons why you might have to use the Samsung reset code for the factory settings.

Samsung Factory Reset Code For Android Mobile

The code to reset the Samsung device to factory settings is *2767*3855#. With this code, your Samsung phone will get back to the original factory settings. Using this code will wipe your all data on your Samsung device and restart it.

It will also delete all your applications, images, contacts, and settings you have saved on your Samsung device. However, if you don’t want to lose all your data, then you should use another Samsung mobile reset code 8 digit number.

How To Use Samsung Factory Reset Code?

  • First, take your sim card out of your Samsung device.
  • Enter the Samsung hard reset code *2767*3855#.
  • Now, follow the steps shown on your mobile screen.
  • Restart it and your Samsung phone will get back to its factory settings

How Do You Factory Reset A Samsung Phone While It Is Locked?

You have to follow the simple steps mentioned below here to reset Samsung device when it’s locked.

  • Hold down the volume up & power button of your Samsung device together.
  • Let your device switch on and it will show you various options.
  • Use the volume up and down button to change the option and power button to select one.
  • Now, select the factory reset settings options.
  • Select yes to delete all your data.
  • Restart the device.

Can I Do Samsung Factory Reset Without Password?

Yes, you can do reset your Samsung phone even without having your password. Just press and hold the power button & volume up button together and select the reset factory settings to hard reset your phone.

If you use this process then you don’t have to use the Samsung factory reset code on your Samsung phone. But if you have your phone password then we suggest you use the code to reset your Samsung device to factory settings.

Things You Should Do Before Resetting Samsung Phone

There are some things that should get done before doing a hard reset on Samsung phone.

  • Take a backup of your contact list.
  • Upload your all images and videos to Google drive.
  • Take your sim out of the phone.
  • Remove the SD card if it contains any data.
  • Send screenshots of your APN settings if it does not default.

What Is Samsung Master Reset Code?

The Samsung factory reset code is *2767*2878# & *2767*3855# which are also known as master reset codes for Samsung phone. Using the *2767*2878# code will not erase any data from your Samsung device.

But using the second Samsung phone reset code *2767*3855# will remove all your data including contacts and all saved settings.

What Is Samsung Reset Code Factory Settings?

The codes to reset the Samsung phone to its factory settings are *2767*2878# & *2767*3855#.

What Is Samsung Keypad Phone Reset Code?

The keypad Samsung phone reset code is #*7728#. You can use this code on Samsung phones older than 2010.

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