TEMU Affiliate Program 2024: Earn Up to $100,000 a month!

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I’ve got to tell you about this awesome online shopping site I’ve been hooked on recently – it’s called Temu. It’s super cool, with a ton of products ranging from fashion to home goods, and everything is so affordable! I think you’ll love it, especially if you’re into finding unique items or getting a good deal.

About Temu

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Temu, which stands for Team Up, Price Down, is an e-commerce company that connects consumers with millions of merchandise partners, manufacturers and brands with the mission to empower them to live their best lives. Temu is committed to offering the most affordable quality products to enable consumers and merchandise partners to fulfill their dreams in an inclusive environment. Temu was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2022.

How to Use a Temu Coupon Code

Okay, now for the exciting part – because you’re my friend, I’m sharing an exclusive 2024 code just for you! Use code “aff07203for up to 30% OFF! Consider it a little gift from me to you, so you can experience the magic of Temu for yourself.

Exclusive TEMU promo code:vbp1uNutbxfaKEfelewLd3hfkmhqc56yOy0ImI1eRVcEwTcnoPoIj8ANp mAMqImhEOCOlmm3JjTd2rm5iIWnGVjDU3PQSL6k tzQM1LG0pjH1FwoEDRzGYfGbV c348fR3yUYbNphT8qB2iZXZGfnQ

  1. Sign in or sign up on Temu
  2. Add items to your shopping cart
  3. Proceed to the checkout
  4. Look for the “apply coupon code” field

Apply your Temu coupon code there to save!

About the TEMU Affiliate Program:

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And here’s a pro tip: if you’re looking to make some extra cash or have your platform or blog, you should check out the TEMU Affiliate Program. It’s a pretty sweet deal where you can earn commissions by promoting their products. I’ve seen some friends benefit from it, and it seems like a cool way to partner with a growing brand.

You might have seen a lot of people sharing their TEMU link and code already, but you might not know that TEMU has an affiliate program that everyone can join. If you’re an avid TEMU enthusiast looking to generate a stable source of passive income or if you are an influencer who wants to monetize your traffic, look no further than the TEMU Affiliate Program. With a high earning potential of up to $100,000 per month, the TEMU Affiliate Program is the perfect fit for you to start.

How much can you earn through the TEMU Affiliate Program?

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You can earn up to $100,000 per month! If you’re interested in joining the TEMU Affiliate Program, you’ll be happy to know that it offers a simple and transparent commission policy. There are several possible ways for you to earn money, which are listed below: 

1: Earn a $5 reward for each new user who downloads the TEMU App using your referral link.

2: Get a commission on every purchase made by newly registered TEMU users who click through your unique referral link. The commission rate varies depending on the purchase amount:

– For purchases between $0.00 and $49.99, you’ll receive a 5% commission

– For purchases between $50.00 and $99.99, you’ll receive a 10% commission

– For purchases of $100.00 or more, you’ll receive a 20% commission

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3: Take advantage of the earning leaderboard: The top 50 TEMU Affiliates with the most earnings of the last 3 days in the TEMU Affiliate Program can win a cash bonus. 

4: Get a 20% secondary commission if you invite an affiliate:

TEMU launches second-tier commissions for affiliates, allowing them to earn commissions on the referrals of affiliates they have recruited. In the shot, you can get a 20% secondary commission if you invite an affiliate. This program will help our affiliates grow their businesses and generate even more revenue.

How to start with the TEMU Affiliate Program? 

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Once you sign up for the TEMU Affiliate Program here, you will obtain your referral link and code in your account center. There a are few ways to start earning:

1) if you are an influencer on social platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, Ins, or Facebook, you can spread your referral link and code by posting content to earn commissions. Pay attention to the content you post. The better content you post, the more engagement you will have, resulting in a higher conversion rate!

2) if you are a blogger, you can write review articles with SEO about TEMU products or the TEMU Affiliate Program, where you can expose your referral link and code!

3) if you own a website or you are an editor of deals/coupon websites that have huge traffic, you can have a banner or deals articles to let more people see your referral link & code

4) any other way or platform that you can use to spread your referral link & code as long as it complies with the TEMU affiliate policy!

Compared with other affiliate programs:
Compared with other affiliate programs, TEMU offers a 5%-20% commission rate for all categories depending on each qualified purchase.

However, TEMU does not offer commissions for returning users. This might limit your earnings. But with huge traffic going into TEMU and with more countries becoming available, it’s still worth signing up for the TEMU Affiliate Program now as it’s a very popular shopping site. It might be a good idea to sign up now before TEMU modifies its commission rates and earnings limit per month.

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TEMU Affiliate Commission Rate (5%-20%)

If you’re looking for an affiliate program with high commission rates and good returns, the TEMU Affiliate Program might be the one for you. One of the best affiliate programs you can find in the affiliate marketing field. Join now and start earning commissions on referral sales referrals!

Exclusive TEMU promo code: Use code “aff07203for up to 30% OFF.  So, why wait? Dive into Temu today and see what the buzz is all about. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to use that code!

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