Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards?

Is that first time happened, that your phone is charging backwards? I have faced this problem so many times. This is a widespread problem with mobile phones, and it isn’t new. So I just came here with a detailed guide “why is my phone charging backwards”?

Whenever you plugged a phone into the power, you may be seen that the charging does not increase. And the charging consuming too fast.

Basically, this problem is named as Reverse Charging.

So, based on my own past experience, I’m making this post to explain why my phone is charging backwards. With this users may relate it with their situation and be able to perform solution for that.

Before we go into the details of the problem Phone Charging Backwards, you should be aware that overheating phone issue. This is one of the most common reasons of phone battery loss when charging.

What is Reverse Charging?

Reverse charging is noticeable in 2 cases,

First Scenario: Reverse charging is the function that lets you use your phone to charge other phone or gadgets via USB cable (such as a smartphone, smartwatch, or smart band).

Second Scenario: When your mobile phone is plugged in, but the battery percentage continuously reduces instead of rising. This is known as reverse charging.

Here we cover all aspected related to second scenario ie, why my phone charging backward or reverse. You can also use the term “discharging of the phone” instead of reverse charging in this case.

Cause of Why My Phone Charging Backwards on Android?

Here are some possible causes for your phone charging backwards:

  • It might be due to a faulty charger.
  • The charging port on your phone may be broken.
  • When you use your phone while it is plugged in, it might charge backwards.
  • Using the incorrect charger.
  • The manner your phone charges is also affected by the current level.
  • It’s possible that your USB cord is no longer compatible with your phone and needs to be replaced.
  • Your charger is either connected into an AC outlet or into a USB port on your computer.
  • Your phone’s USB connector is unclean or damaged.

Does Reverse Charging and Backward Charging Are Same?

No, both are different technically. Reverse Charging is a feature that many new smartphones charges other devices via cable. Whereas, phone charging backward is an issue that user face i.e, draining battery fast even when connected to charger.

Here are some few query that will clear more about Reverse charging.

Is It True That Phone Reverse Charging Shortens The Life of a Battery?

No, Your battery will not be harmed so much by reverse charging. At all times, the power output is within your device’s capability. This implies that just reverse charging won’t drain your battery.

Is It Possible To Charge Your Phone in Reverse?

Only some latest released phones allow features of reverse wireless charging with limited capacity.

But reciprocal to this feature of reverse charging, many users gets frustrated due to backward phone charging issue.

Now lets have a look iPhone Backward charging issue,

Reasons Why My iPhone Charging Backward

  • A malfunctioning charging port
  • A broken charger — iPhones require a special charger designed just for them (MFi). If you use a charger other than the MFi charger, then this may result in your phone backward charging.
  • Using a demanding app while charging might deplete battery life and cause your iPhone to charge backward.
  • Your phone’s ability to charge may also be affected by poor electrical current.
  • A defective or chemically aged battery

You should have to take care of these points to avoid Phone backward charging.

Important Note: Don’t test or try manually with your phone with insufficient knowledge. We highly suggested you to just visit the mobile repairing center before any damage cause.

How To Fix Backward Phone Charging Problem?

If the Phone Charging Backwards problem exists from such a long time then again try these easy procedures.

Clean USB Cable and Port

Dirt might collect in the charging port, causing your phone to charge incorrectly. This is because the electrical connection might be harmed by dust in the USB port. The battery receives no power after the electrical connection is lost, and it will continue to backward charging even when the phone is plugged in.

Drain Battery Completely

Stop charging the phone’s battery, use till it get comes to 0, and leave for more than 12 hours. After that charge your phone again till its reach 100%. This will defiantly solve your phone charging backward issue.

Replace the charger

Sometimes it may happen with the old chargers, the wire detaches internally when your cable or charger is stretched out or broken. As a result, the cable’s resistance will rise, limiting the amount of power it can carry. So, try charging your smartphone and see if the charging increases or not.

Replace Phone Battery

If none of the above work for you to solve “why is my phone charging backwards” then simply replace the phone battery with the new one. Don’t do it by yourself if you don’t have any professional mobile repairing knowledge.

Hope with these simple tricks you may be able to stop the phone’s backward charging issues.

Check out the below, user-generated queries, It may guide you in a more better way.

Why is My Phone Charging But Going Down?

When you use your phone while it is plugged in, it might charge backwards. The manner your phone charges is also affected by the electric current supply level. Also, make sure you’re charging your device with only a compatible charger.

Why is My Phone Battery Percentage Going Down While Charging Android SmartPhone?

Check out for defects, if the cable is plugged in properly, but no power supply to the phone’s battery. This might happen that your cable is damaged or has some major fault, like a damaged USB port.

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