Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal Process 2024

It generally happens, users may recharge the wrong Airtel phone number in a hurry. In that case Airtel wrong recharge reversal process 2024 is required to correct this issue.

3 Methods For Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal 2024

There are 3 proven ways by which you can reverse your Airtel recharge.

  1. Contact Airtel Customer Care
  2. Use WRR (Wrong Recharge Reversal Airtel) SMS Format
  3. Mitra App for Airtel wrong recharge reversal process 2022

There are many many Airtel recharge plans you may like to recharge monthly with Rs 79 or Rs 23 Airtel Recharge, Quarterly Recharge (Rs. 599 or Rs598), and Yearly Plans. In the little amount of recharges, sometime users neglect to reverse that transaction but in the quarterly or yearly plan, they have to bear the loss if they have recharge a wrong Airtel phone number. So, to protect the user issues company introduces methods to rectify recharge transactions. By text SMS for wrong recharge reversal Airtel or contact customer care service can solve this wrong number recharge of Airtel number issue.

If you are facing shortage of daily data limit then use the Airtel Booster Pack.

Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal SMS Format

In case of wrong Airtel recharge in prepaid number, users can send a Text SMS – Send SMS to 51619 with WRR (wrong number) transaction ID) amount (right number).

Example: WRR 9827XXXXXX 170852548XXXXX 598 9256XXXXXX

This will help you to move Airtel’s wrong number recharge balance to Airtel’s correct number.

To get the amount reversed into your Airtel phone number account, contact to Airtel customer service team 24X7 days a week available.

Contact Airtel Customer Care

By dialing the Airtel customer care number or contacting them via mail can help you resolve this wrong recharge problem. After a proper verification by the Airtel support team, you will get back money into the correct Airtel phone number as recharge. But in this case, it is a time-consuming process and if the wrong recharge balance is used by a person, then there is less chance to revert back that transaction.

So, For an instant solution, you might use the Wrong Recharge Reversal Airtel text messaging service or directly visit the nearby Airtel store/Support center to solve this problem.

You are required to collect this information before correcting the wrong recharge.

  • Your correct Airtel phone number
  • Incorrect phone number
  • Amount
  • ID of the transaction

Wrong Recharge Reversal Via Mitra App

Alternatively, If you have a used Mitra App to done an Airtel Recharge Plan then it is easy for you, to reverse recharge.

  • Navigate to “My  Transaction” >“Recent Transaction”.
  • Click on the wrong Airtel recharge.
  • Now you can able to see the Phone Number, Edit it by entering the correct Airtel phone number.

It will take 15 mins or sometimes more to reverse the recharge request.

Note: All methods should and correction of the wrong number should be done within 24 hrs (also before the usage of recharge balance) otherwise, it is hard to rectify that wrong recharge.

Hope you have found out the methods for Airtel wrong recharge reversal process 2022, If you have done a wrong recharge on Airtel. In our community, many users have asked various types of questions and queries, which we have answered. You can also see that question below and found it informative.

How can I claim the amount of Airtel wrong recharge?

Simply type the wrong recharge reversal Airtel 2022 code in the described SMS format – WRR  [Space] Transaction ID [space] Wrong Number [space] Right number and send it to 51619 number through text message. By doing this Airtel wrong recharge reversal process 2022, you will successfully able to reverse wrong recharge.

Can I change my Airtel plan after recharge?

On your smartphone, download and install the “My Airtel app”. Use your phone number to set up the app. Now, in the corner area of the app, press the three horizontal dots. From the pop-up menu, select Change Plan.

You can also know what is the Airtel scratch card recharge code 2024 if you want to recharge your number with recharge card.

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