Airtel International SMS Pack 2024

Are you an Airtel sim user and will have your first international flight in recent days. If yes then the Airtel roaming services are here to connect you with your family and friends. The company includes Airtel international SMS pack, calling pack, and internet packs too in order to let you use the same sim number. So you can use the same sim or Airtel company even if you are traveling outside of your country by paying bit more extra charges than usual. So without wasting any time here, let’s know about the Airtel roaming SMS packs.

How Can I Activate International SMS In Airtel?

In order to activate international SMS in Airtel sim or yours, you can also visit the Airtel company official site. However, you also talk to any of the customer care executives of Airtel to activate Airtel international roaming SMS pack on your number. They will also let you know all the charges and details of international SMS services by which you will be able to use your sim anywhere.

Is International SMS Free On Airtel?

According to the Airtel company, the international incoming services are free on all Airtel numbers. But if try to call or SMS outside your country then it will cost you some charge. So if you want to contact anyone outside your country through SMS then you have to buy any Airtel international message pack or your number. 

After activating one of the international packs on your number you will be free from all airtel international SMS charges. So it will be always better to activate Airtel international SMS pack on your number.

How Much Does Airtel Charge For International Messages?

Here is the table of countries the charges you will have to pay for international services.

CountriesRs Per Minute

As you can see here you will be charged Rs 3 for every international SMS you do from your Airtel sim number. However, if you have got an activated airtel international SMS pack on your number you can do roaming SMS without additional charges.

Can I Send International SMS without Having Airtel International Roaming Sms Pack?

Yes, you can send a message internationally even without having Airtel international message pack activated on your sim number. But you will be charged 3 Rs per SMS for a specific number of characters. That means you will be not able to send roaming SMS from your sim number without paying money to the company.

What Is The Price Of Airtel International Roaming Sms Pack For 7 Days?

The airtel international roaming SMS pack for 7 days will cost you RS 196. This pack will provide you with 20 minutes that you can use for local or international calling from your number. You can also select a higher plan for Airtel roaming services that is RS 296 and 446 for 30 & 90 days with 40 and 75 minutes of calling. So it is up to you how long you want to activate Airtel international SMS pack on your number.

How To Active International Message Pack Airtel With Customer Care?

Yes, you have read it right. Airtel users can activate international roaming SMS pack Airtel through customer care services. All you have to do is to use the Airtel customer care number and after getting connected to the customer care executive ask them to activate roaming SMS services. You can also ask them about all the airtel international roaming SMS charges that you have to pay in order to activate your services. So it will be one to one conversation where you can clear your all doubts with so ease.

How To Activate Airtel International Roaming Message Pack After Reaching Destination?

Yes, you can activate Airtel international SMS pack after reaching abroad.

  • Visit the official Airtel website international page.
  • Enter the country you have visited.
  • Fill in your mobile number.
  • Select the pack for the specific country.
  • Click on the get it button to activate the pack.

Can I Activate International Airtel SMS Pack Using Airtel App?

Yes, you can activate or deactivate Airtel international SMS pack recharge using the My Airtel app. But if you are an Airtel prepaid sim user then there is no need to visit the Airtel app. Just select the international message pack airtel and start using services. However, with the postpaid sim of Airtel company you have to activate Airtel roaming services from the Airtel application. 

What Is Airtel International Sms Pack For 1 Day?

According to our team, there is nothing like Airtel international SMS pack for 1 day services from Airtel. But if you want then you can send an international SMS by paying Rs 3 for every SMS you do from your number.

Do I Have To Pay Money For Receiving International SMS on Airtel Sim?

No, you do not have to pay any kind of charges to receive an international message on your Airtel number.

Can I Send Message To Abroad For Free In Airtel?

No, you will be charged Rs 3 for every international SMS you do from your Airtel sim number.

How To Activate International SMS Pack Airtel?

To activate international SMS pack Airtel just dials the Airtel customer care number and tell them to start your Airtel international SMS pack.

What Is Airtel International SMS Charges?

The Airtel international roaming SMS charges are Rs 3 for each message you will do from abroad. However, Rs 10 will be charged if you use Airtel sim in UAE for messaging

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