What Is BSNL 99 Plan & Its Details?

BSNL 99 plan recharge is one of the best offers to recharge your BSNL numbers. The 99 BSNL plan gives you unlimited voice call service and a personalized ringback tune for 22 days. With it, you will also get 99 SMS free of cost.

There is no donut BSNL is one of the oldest telecom companies and its 99 offer is still the bestest. So let’s get started and know about BSNL 99 Plan details deeply.

What Is BSNL 99 Validity Plan 2024?

BSNL 99 plan is the best plan that offers unlimited calling with 22 days of validity. This plan contains 250 minutes per day limit for the BSNL users to make calls. BSNL 99 recharge plan is available in various cities like Odisha, Gujarat, Kerala and so more.

How Can I Activate BSNL 99 Plan?

To activate BSNL 99 plan on your number send SMS “STV99” to 123. It will instantly activate 99 BSNL plan on your sim number instantly. Above here you can also read the all BSNL 99 recharge plan details. So don’t wait and get all the BSNL recharge 99 plan to start your services soon.

How To Do BSNL 99 Plan Recharge Online?

To do BSNL rs 99 plan recharge online you can use my Jio app on your device. You can also use Paytm and Airtel payment bank to recharge your BSNL no with rs 99 online. If you use Airtel payments bank then you also don’t have to pay extra cost on your BSNL 99 Plan.

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What Are BSNL 99 Plan Details?

99 BSNL plan comes with unlimited calling & 18 days of validity. This plan includes 250 minutes per day limit where you can talk on a phone call for only 250 minutes. These are the complete BSNL 99 recharge plan details that you should know before buying the 99 BSNL plan.

How To Check BSNL 99 Plan Validity? | BSNL 99 Plan Validity Check

To check BSNL 99 recharge validity you can dial *123# from your device or use an application too. The BSNL validity check code will allow you to check your BSNL 99 recharge plan validity easily. 

BSNL 99 Plan Validity Check*123#

How To Check BSNL 99 Recharge Plan Validity Via BSNL App?

  • First, download the My BSNL app on your device.
  • Run the BSNL application on your mobile phone.
  • Now, sign in with your BSNL no. and OTP.
  • Go to your BSNL account dashboard and check your 99 BSNL plan details and validity.

How To Recharge BSNL 99 Plan From Main Balance? | BSNL 99 Recharge Plan Through SMS

To recharge your BSNL number from the main balance you have to send an SMS to 123. So if you want to recharge BSNL no. with rs 99 write “STV99” and send it to 123. You can activate any service by sending STV + MRP to 123 number.

Why BSNL 99 Plan Is Not Working?

In 2021 the BSNL 99 plan got discontinued by the BSNL company by hiking the pricing of their all plans. So, now it might be possible that there is no plan of Rs 99 in the plan list of BSNL company. So if your BSNL recharge 99 plan is not working then you should go with the BSNL Rs 199 plan.

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How Can I Check My Bsnl 99 Plan Details?

To check your Bsnl recharge 99 you can dial its USSD code or use its mobile application. To know your Bsnl BSNL recharge plan 99 details using BSNL mobile app is the best way. You can easily download my BSNL app from the play store and sign in to view your BSNL 99 plan details 2024.

How To Get BSNL 99 Plan Details In Hindi?

Users can also change the language of the My BSNL app according to their cities. So you can also get BSNL 99 Plan details in Hindi effortlessly. It means now you can get your BSNL recharge 99 plan details in any language you prefer the most.

Using the BSNL app you can also check BSNL Data Balance of your daily limit. My BSNL app also has lists like best plans and offers for your BSNL no.

Is There Any BSNL 99 Plan Postpaid Service Available?

No, there is nothing like the BSNL Rs 99 Plan recharge service for postpaid users. You can only get BSNL recharge 99 if you are a prepaid user of the BSNL telecom service.

Using BSNL prepaid service also provides you with some special offers. But to recharge your BSNL no. with 99 Rs you have to be a prepaid user of BSNL.

FAQ About BSNL 99 Plan Recharge 2024

How To Activate BSNL 99 Plan by SMS?

Write “STV99” in your message box and send it to the 123 number to get BSNL 99 Plan through SMS.

How To Recharge BSNL 99 Plan Online 2024?

To recharge BSNL 99 Plan online you can use the Airtel Payments bank which will also not charge extra charges.

How To Check STV 99 Balance In BSNL?

You can dial *123# from your mobile or use the My BSNL app to check your BSNL 99 plan validity.

What Is BSNL 99 Plan Validity Check Code?

The BSNL Rs 99 plan recharge validity check code is *123# which is a simple code to check the BSNL balance.

Can We Send Messages In BSNL 99 Plan?

No, you cannot send a message in BSNL 99 plan because it only provides unlimited calling with 18 days of validity.

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