Jio International SMS Pack 2024

Jio is one of the best telecom companies providing its data and calling services for so long. This company attracted its customers by providing free data and calling services with new sim numbers. But in this new life, every customer needs something extra from telecom companies and Jio international SMS pack is one of them. Jio users want to send messages internationally for which they always ask that is company includes an international SMS pack Jio or not? So let’s get started and talk about this topic in deep and know how much Jio company charges for international SMS service.

How Can I Activate International SMS In Jio 2024?

Below here we have mentioned all steps clearly by which you can activate international SMS in Jio.

  • Download My Jio App on the Phone.
  • Open app & visit settings.
  • Select international roaming.
  • Select activate roaming service on your sim.
  • You will receive a confirmation message once international roaming has been activated.

However, you can also activate international SMS in Jio sim you can directly talk to the Jio customer care service. If you are not able to send international SMS in Jio sim then you can ask Jio care executives about Jio international SMS pack service that will solve your issue as soon as possible. 

Can I Send International SMS From Jio 2024?

Yes, you can send international SMS from Jio sim without having any problem. However, for every international SMS from your Jio sim, you will have to pay some extra charges set by the company. So, if your Jio number does not have that specific amount then you will not be able to send Jio international roaming SMS. According to the Jio company, they are also planning to launch Jio international SMS pack for its customers. So anyone who wants to send a message outside India can buy this jio international SMS plan.

Can I Send Message Without Jio International Message Pack 2024?

Yes, Jio company allows users to send international messages without having any jio SMS pack for international roaming activation. You just have to have a specific amount available in your Jio sim and then you can freely send international SMS without international message pack Jio.

What Is The Price of Jio International SMS Pack In 2024?

Jio charges Rs 5 per international SMS you will do from your Jio number. However, the company is not providing any kind of international SMS pack Jio currently. To get the benefits of international messages you have to recharge your sim with Rs 575 or 2875 where you will get 100 international SMS per day. So, if you do not have 5 Rs available in Jio sim of yours then you will not be able to send international messages. You can also dial the Jio SMS pack check number to find more suitable SMS packs of Jio.

Is International SMS Free on Jio?

No, you will have to pay Rs 5 for every SMS you will send internationally from your Jio sim number. You can also buy the Jio International SMS pack of Rs 575 & 2875 where you will get 100 SMS per day and Jio international call 100 minutes per day. So if you do have not any money in your wallet do not even think to send international SMS in Jio sim number.

Can I Use Jio SIM Internationally?

By recharging your Jio sim number with Jio international roaming SMS pack you can use Jio sim internationally. You can choose from the 3 Jio roaming plans of Rs 575, 2875, 5851. This Jio ISD plans will also provide you service to send international SMS in Jio sim number from anywhere you want.

Can I Receive SMS on Jio Outside India?

Yes, if you have a Jio roaming plan activated on your sim you can receive SMS on Jio outside India. But if you are using a normal prepaid plan of Jio company then your sim gets blocked if you go outside India. So, if you want to receive a message on Jio outside India you must have Jio international SMS pack activated on your number.

How Can I Send Free SMS To International Number From Jio Sim?

To send free SMS to an international number from your Jio sim you have to activate one of the international SMS pack Jio.

Is There Any Jio International Outgoing SMS Pack 2024?

No, you will have to recharge your sim with Jio roaming plans if you want to send international SMS from the Jio sim number.

Can I Receive SMS Without International Roaming Jio?

No, if you have bought a Jio international SMS pack code then you will not be able to receive SMS internationally.

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