Mint Mobile 10GB Plan 2024 – Get 10Gb Plan Of Mint Mobile

Do you have a sim card for Mint Mobile and are not satisfied with the monthly internet limit? If yes, then the Mint Mobile 10GB plan will be best for you to use 10 GB on your Mint Mobile sim with such ease. The plan comes with 2 validity options where you can choose between 3 months and 12 months. So without wasting any time here let’s get to the main point and know the details of the Mint 10GB plan.

Mint Mobile 10GB 12 Month Plan Details

As we have mentioned above, you can choose from the two Mint Mobile 10GB plans. The first plan is for 12 months for which you have to pay $20 per month for continuous 12 months that makes a total of $240. If you want to use 10GB Mint Mobile data, then you should buy this plan for your mobile phone.

Mint Mobile 10 GB Plan For 3 Months

Yes, you can also get the 10Gb plan of Mint Mobile for 3 months only. The Mint Mobile 10GB plan for 3 months will cost you a total of $60 whereas you will have to pay $20/month. Buying this plan is very worthwhile if you do not have enough money to buy a 12 month 10GB Mint Mobile plan.

Benefits You Will Get With Mint Mobile 10GB Plan 2024

There are many benefits if you choose the 10GB plan for your Mint Mobile number. You will get unlimited national talks, 10GB 5G per month data, a 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit, and eSIM. You will also get free international calls to Mexico and Canada, free mobile hotspots, and wifi calling options. But keep in mind that after using the 10GB 5G data, your internet will change to 4G with unlimited data.

Can I Cancel Mint Mobile Plans After 3 Months?

Yes, if you have bought the Mint mobile 10GB plan for 3 months only, then you will be able to cancel it and go with another plan. However, if you have bought the complete 12-month plan for 10GB per month, you will not be able to cancel it before the 12-month period. However, if you cancel the Mint Mobile plan before its validity you will have to pay some additional charges.

Does Mint Mobile Charge More After 3 Months?

If you have bought the six-year plan for Mint mobile and canceled after 3 months then you will see additional charges included with your next plan. However, if you have paid the cancellation charges before recharging your Mint Mobile sim, then Mint Mobile will not charge you more after 3 months.

How To Get Mint Mobile 10GB Plan In 2024?

You can get the 10Gb plan of Mint Mobile directly from the company’s official site by using its phone application. On both platforms, first, you have to log in with your Mint Mobile account then you can easily buy the 10Gb Mint plan. You can also visit any of the Mint Mobile affiliate partner websites from where you can directly visit the 10Gb Mint Mobile plan page.

Will I Get Unlimited Data With Mint Mobile 10 GB Plan?

Yes, you will get unlimited internet with the 10Gb plan of Mint Mobile company. But the only first 10Gb data will provide you with a 5G internet connection. After that, you will only get 4G speed for unlimited internet data. However, if your mobile is not supporting 5G connection then you can also change your Mint Mobile APN settings to boost your network speed.

If you are not happy with the 10GB Mint Mobile plan then you can also go with the Mint Mobile 1 Month Plan.

What Is The Cost Of Mint Mobile 10Gb Plan 3 Months?

The 10 GB Mint Mobile plan will cost you $20 per month you will have to pay for 3 continuous months.

Can I Pay With My Credit Card For Mint Mobile 10 GB Plan?

Yes, you can easily pay for your 10Gb Mint Mobile plan for 3 months or 12 months.

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