Jio Message Center Number 2022

Jio is one of the popular and most used telecom services in India. This company is well-known for its data services and customer care helpline too. You can reach the helpline services of Jio in various ways and the Jio message center number is one of them. So in this post, we will talk in deep and let you know about the latest SMSC number of Jio telecom company.

What Is Jio SMSC Number?

Jio message center number is +917010075009 if you are a resident of Delhi. However, in this post below you can get all SMSC numbers for Jio with so ease. The full form of the SMSC number is a short message service center number that helps users to get SMS services. So in simple terms, this number avails you short message service on your Jio sim in the fastest way possible.

How Do I Reactivate My Jio Sms Service?

To reactivate your Jio sim SMS service using the smsc jio number will be the best option for sure. You just have to dial this number on your mobile and after pressing the call button you will get a message clarifying that you have successfully activated your Jio SMS service.

List of All Jio Message Center Number For Jio Users

Different states have different Smsc Jio numbers, so here is the complete list by which you can get JIo Sms service easily.

Jio Smsc Number Delhi+917010075009
Jio Smsc Number Up East+917010075009
Tamilnadu Jio Smsc Number Nill
Jio Message Center Number Chhatisgarh+917010075009
Jio Smsc Number UttrakhandNill
Jio SMS Center Number Jharkhand+917010075009
Jio Smsc Number TripuraNill
Mumbai Jio Smsc Number+917012075009
Jio SMS Centre Number Kolkata+97012075009

So these are the major Jio SMS centre numbers that will help help you to get SMS service on your Jio sim number. You can pick a number according to your state that will fastly provide you with SMS service.

How To Get My Jio Sim Smsc Number?

Any mobile user can get their Smsc number by dialing *#*#4636#*#* on their android mobile. This number is free for all users and it will provide you SMSC number or your mobile as fast as possible. After calling on this number just select the phone information option and after scrolling a bit down you will be able to see your Smsc number.

What To Do If I Cannot Send Message From My Jio Number?

If your Jio sim number is not working properly then using the Jio message centre number will reactivate your SMS service easily. However, there is also another way by which you can activate SMS service on your sim card or Jio telecom service. 

Activate SMS Service Without Jio Smsc Number?

Yes, you can also activate the message service on your Jio sim without using the Jio SMS centre number. All you have to do is call on the customer care number of Jio company and ask the customer care executive to restart your Jio sim SMS service. It is the second-best way after the Jio SMS center number to start message service on any Jio sim.

If you have a sim of Airtel company then you can also read the Airtel SMS Center Number post available on our site. You can also use many other Jio USSD Code to activate or de-activate any preferable service.

How To Activate SMS Service On Your Jio Sim?

Just dial +917010075009 from your mobile to activate SMS service on your jio sim number easily.

What Is Jio Sms Centre Number Delhi?

The Delhi Jio SMS Center number is +917010075009 that will start message service on Jio sim if you are a resident of Delhi.

What Is Jio Message Center Number Karnataka?

Just dial Karnataka Jio Smsc number 917010075009 from your Jio number and it will activate message service on your Jio number instantly.

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