Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code – Cheap Airtel SMS Plan

Are you an Airtel user and want to know about Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code to get it at a cheap rate? If yes, then the 5 rs SMS pack code of Airtel can be the best solution for you in this concern. But getting this offer is a bit tricky task and to get it you have to use the Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code.

This Airtel USSD code will easily provide you with the SMS pack code at only 5 Rs. So without wasting any time let’s get to the point.

What Is Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code?

Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code is the number by which you can get the SMS pack on your Airtel sim with just 5 RS. So if you are having a financial problem these recent days then using this code to get an Airtel SMS pack at just 5 rs will be so beneficial for you.

How Activate Airtel 5rs SMS Pack?

To activate Airtel 5 rs you have to follow some steps we have provided below here:

  • Dial *121# in your mobile dialer app.
  • Press the call button.
  • Now, the dialogue box opens on your screen.
  • Press 1 and click on the send button.
  • Now, type button number 7 and click send button again.
  • Another dialogue box appears on your screen, press 4 and send again.
  • Last, dial 3 and send to see your Airtel SMS packs.

Are There Any Terms & Conditions With Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code?

According to our research team, there is no terms and condition with Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code. So you can use this SMS pack without having any problems with your Airtel sim. But after the November of the year 2024, all packs of Airtel telecom services have been updated with their plan pricing. So if you get any change in this Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack then inform us through our contact us page.

Why Should You Choose The 5 Rs Airtel SMS Pack?

The Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack is cheaper compared to the other plans of the Airtel company. You can also compare this plan of Airtel company with other telecom services in order to find a better option. But if you go to find another plan like Airtel 5 Rs Airtel SMS pack then you might not get the same plan like this from any other telecom company.

So, if you need an SMS service on your Airtel number for a limited time then this plan will be so beneficial for you. 

What Is The Lowest SMS Pack of Internet?

As of now, the Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack is the cheapest SMS pack of this company. With just 5 rs any user of Airtel telecom service can activate their SMS pack. So if you are in hurry or don’t want to spend much money on sending SMS then this plan is the best option.

There is also an Airtel 23 Price Plan, If you are interested then you should have to recharge it.

Can We Send SMS In Airtel 49 Plan?

No, Airtel users can not send SMS in its Rs 49 plan. Now, this plan is not available on the price list of Airtel so you cannot get it for your Airtel sim card. Instead of it, you can recharge your Airtel sim card with Rs 79 which will provide you benefits of Talktime and a bit amount of internet data.

Is 5 Rs SMS Pack Really Exist?

After the update in the Airtel pricing plan, the 5 Rs SMS pack of Airtel company is no more available. So according to us the Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code will not work to get this offer in current days. However, you can get other plans from Airtel company to activate SMS service on your number easily. But now this SMS plan or Airtel company at rs 5 might not be available to give you SMS service benefits.

Is SMS Service Available In Airtel 78 Plan?

With the 78 Rs plan of airtel company, you will get 100 free SMS to use. You will also get provided with the Talktime on your Airtel number by which you can call anyone you want. So the answer to this question is yes you will get SMS service with the Airtel Rs 78 plan.

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How Many Steps Are There To Activate Airtel 5 Rs SMS Plan?

By following just 7 steps you can easily activate the 5 Rs SMS pack on the Airtel sim card.

Does 5 Rs Airtel SMS Pack Is Beneficial To Use?

Yes because this is the cheapest plan of airtel company that you can get to activate SMS service on your Airtel sim number.

What Is Airtel SMS Pack Code?

The Airtel SMS pack code is *121# on which you have to press a call button and then just press 1 after appearing the dialogue box.

How To Activate Airtel SMS Pack For 1 Day?

To activate Airtel SMS pack for 1 day dial *121# on your phone then press numbers 1,7,4, & 3 one by one according to the dialogue box.

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If you found any problem with your Airtel SIM then simply contact to the Airtel Customer Care and solve your issue instantly.

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