Airtel Advance Talktime Loan Number USSD Code 2024

Most telecom network providers offer an advance Talktime credit loan that is refundable with the service fee, subject to the terms and conditions of the provider.

In India, Airtel is a well-known telecom network provider that offers two types of credit loan services ie. Airtel Advance Talktime Loan and Airtel Data Loan.

When a customer of Airtel does not have enough Talktime balance in the mobile phone to make a call, he or she may apply for a Airtel Talktime loan. So, in case of emergency, he/she can make a call easily.

Airtel Talktime Loan RS 10 | Airtel Loan Number

Use the Airtel USSD code to get an Airtel Credit Loan of Rs 10 or more, but read the terms and conditions first.

Airtel Talktime Loan Terms & Conditions

  • Your Airtel main account balance should be below Rs 5 to get a Talktime loan.
  • Your Airtel number must be at least 90 days old to apply for Advance Talktime credit otherwise, you will not be eligible.
  • At the time of the Talktime loan refund, Airtel charge an extra fee as a service charge.
  • Airtel will automatically deduct the loan amount from your next recharge.

Get Airtel Talktime Loan with USSD Code 2024

We can take an Rs 10 Airtel talktime loan by dialling Airtel loan number USSD code *141*10# or *141#.  You can also use a contact Airtel Customer service helpline and follow the required instruction to get an Airtel Talktime loan using ussd code.

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What is the Airtel loan number?

If in urgent you need to make a call and don’t have enough balance to even make a miss call, Then you can dial *141*10# or *141# Airtel loan number to get an additional talktime loan amount to your phone. With this benefit, many user like use Airtel SIM.

How to get an Airtel 30 rupees loan?

A menu of three talk time loan options will appear on your mobile screen after dialing the *141*10# USSD code number. You can choose any suitable option according to your requirements from Rs. 50, Rs. 30, or Rs. 10, and after you’ve made your selection, you’ll be asked to enter 1 to validate your loan request.

How to get loan balance detail in Airtel in 2024?

Your device’s dialer should now be open, to dial *141*10# or *141# Airtel USSD codes to use.

Pay attention to the guidance that appears on the phone.

When you finish the process, your Airtel credit balance will be applied to your phone number.

How can I get 50 advance Talktime in Airtel?

Dial *141# from your phone and follow the airtel instructions. That’s all there is to it; you’ll get your loan number.

How can I get a loan in Airtel prepaid?

By dialing *141*10# or calling 52141, you will get a talktime loan from Airtel. Airtel will offer you a Rs. 10 Talktime loan. Airtel will deduct the loan balance the next time you recharge your phone.

Can anyone apply for 2 plans at the same time in Airtel?

Airtel provides the benefit to their users, That Airtel user can queue up several plans in advance with the provider. You should line up your schedule with Airtel, but not all recharge plans are available. This feature is only included on the unlimited combo plans.

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