Airtel Me2U USSD Code 2024 – Share Data & Airtime

Airtel telecom service allows users to share their data plan with other Airtel sim users. You can give an amount of data available on your Airtel sim to your family of friends’ number. To share Airtel airtime you have to dial Airtel Me2u USSD Code to do this process easily.

This Code will avail you the option to share your Airtel sim data or gift data bundle with other users.

What Is Airtel Me2U USSD Code?

Airtel Me2u USSD code is *141#. This code will avail you the option to share your Airtel Airtime with your family and friends. Just dial Airtel Me2U USSD Code and select Me2u option to share your Airtel sim data & Airtime. You can also choose the other “Gifting” option if you want to gift a data bundle to your known person.

Airtel Me2U USSD Code 2024*141#

How Do I Use Me2U In Airtel?

To use the Airtel Me2u service just dial *141# from your Airtel number and select the Me2u option. You will get asked the number on which you want to share your Airtime. Just fill in the number and after entering the pin it will share your Airtel data with another Airtel subscriber.

With Airtel Me2U data code you can also send a data bundle to another AIrtel user as a gift. After dialing the number you have to select the gift option and then just select the pack that you want to gift.

How Can I Add Me2U Number?

  • Dial the above-mentioned Airtel to Airtel data transfer code 2024.
  • Click on the Me2U option.
  • Fill in your family member or friend Airtel’s number.
  • Click on proceed button to send Airtime to another Airtel sim user.

What Is The Code For Airtel Airtime Transfer?

To share your Airtel Airtel dial *432* with your Airtel sim number and press the call button. Select option number 1 and enter the amount of Airtime you want to transfer. Fill in your friend number and click on proceed after entering your pin number.

This service will not charge a single penny from your Airtel balance except the sent Airtime. You can also use Airtel balance check code to know your balance after sharing Airtime. Airtel users can also send any amount without having limitations with the Airtel Me2U service.

Airtel Airtime Transfer Code 2024*432#

Can You Share Airtime Without Airtel Me2U USSD Code Number?

Yes. Airtel users can also share their Airtime through SMS. To share your Airtime just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open your phone SMS application.
  • Type 2U (recipient’s number) (amount) (password)  e.g 2U 08541xxxxxx 500 9892.
  • Sent this SMS to number 151.
  • Wait and you will get a confirmation message of your sent Airtel Airtime.

How To Transfer 1Gb Data From Airtel To Airtel?

Using Airtel Me2U USSD code 2024 you can send only 200MB of data to one person. So there is no way to send 1GB of data from Airtel to Airtel sim number. But Airtel users can transfer as much as data they want to other Airtel numbers in a portion of 200MB.

But using Airtel data transfer USSD code you can send your data only 2 times a day. It means you can share 400MB per day by sending each 200MB.

Can You Transfer Airtime From Airtel To Airtel?

Yes, you can transfer Airtime from Airtel by dialing *432# on your phone transfer from\ Select transfer Airtime > enter the number of the recipient. This is the fastest way by which you can easily transfer Airtel from Airtel to Airtel.

How Do I Know My Airtel Me2U Pin?

The default Airtel Me2u pin is 1234 provided by the Airtel company. You can also change this pin by following some basic steps.

  • Dial *432# and press the call button.
  • Reply with 3 to change your Airtel Me2U Pin.
  • Enter the current pin (1234).
  • Enter the new pin and confirm it.
  • You will get an SMS of successfully changing your Me2U pin code.

Who Can Use Airtel Me2U USSD Code Service?

All Airtel sim users and subscribers can use the Me2U service. You don’t have to subscribe to any plan to use this function on your sim. Just dial the Airtel Me2U data code and follow the above steps to share your data and Airtime.

FAQs Related To Airtel Me2U USSD Code 2024

If you still have any doubts related to the Airtel Me2u service then read these questions to make them clear.

What Is the Code For Airtel Airtime Transfer?

Airtel Airtime transfer code is *432#. Just dial the code and follow the steps to share Airtime.

How Can I Transfer Data From Airtel To Airtel 2024?

Dial the Airtel Me2u USSD Code number and select the Me2u option to share your Airtel sim data.

How Much Data I Can Share With Airtel Me2u Code Number?

You can share 200 MB per to 2 persons per day with Airtel data transfer USSD code.

How Can I Access Airtel Data Me2U Service?

Just dial *141# with your phone and press the call button to access the Airtel data sharing service.

What Is The PIN For Me2U on Airtel?

The default PIN for Airtel Me2U is 1234 for all Airtel sim users. You can also change this page by following the above-mentioned steps.

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