Airtel Payment Bank Balance Check Code 2024

Airtel launched a digital wallet service called Airtel Payment Bank. It includes a basic, user-friendly design that makes maintaining your account as simple and comfortable as possible. You may check your Airtel Payments Bank Balance Check at any moment with simply a USSD code or a login in-app.

To know more in detail, read our detailed guide to know the 2 different methods to know Airtel Payment Bank Balance.

How To Check Airtel Payments Bank Balance Via USSD Code 2024?

Airtel bank allows you to handle all of your financial services with just a few clicks. If you wanted to know your AirtelPaymentsBankBalance, then it is required to use the USSD code.

Follow these below steps for Airtel Payment Bank Balance Check Code procedure.

  • From your registered mobile phone, dial the toll-free number *400# Airtel payment bank balance.
  • Next, choose option 2: My Balance & MPIN.
  • Now you have two choices: (choose 1) if you want to check your account balance, and (choose 2) if you want to see a mini Airtel bank account statement.
  • You’ll be able to see all of your account’s information on screen, including the mini statement and remaining balance.

By following these simple steps you are able to know your Airtel Bank balance detail.

How to Check Airtel Payment Bank Balance Online?

Internet banking allows Airtel Payments bank account customers to check their account balance quickly. If you don’t know how to utilise Net Banking, I’ll guide you through the process step by step so that it’s simple for you.

The following are some simple actions to follow:

  • Visit to to the Airtel Payments Bank’s official website.
  • You may also access the website by going to this link. .in
  • Now click Login.
  • You may now check your Airtel bank account details by logging in using your registered cellphone number and MPIN.

Is There Any Alternative Method to Check Airtel Bank Balance?

No, The ability to check your balance via missed calls and SMS is not accessible here, but there are alternative options. You must continue reading if you wish to view your Airtel Payments Bank account balance and mini statement immediately using your mobile phone.

Airtel Payment Bank provides a simple way for customers to check their account balance via a USSD code or by logging into the app.

What is the Airtel Payment Bank Balance Check Code?

Dial *400# Airtel Payment Bank Balance Check Code to get details related to your Airtel bank account.

How Do I Check My Airtel Payment Balance?

Customers can use the *121# Airtel Payment Bank Balance Check ussd code. A pop-up window will appear on your screen; choose Payment Bank from the list of alternatives and follow the instructions. Moreover, You may also use the My Airtel App to check balance of your Airtel Payment bank Wallet.

How Can I Access Airtel Payment Bank?

Visit your local banking location to open or access your Airtel Payments Bank Savings bank account. You may also use the My Airtel App to access your Airtel Payments Bank account.

Where Is Airtel Payment Bank Account Number?

The account number for Airtel subscribers will be the same as their mobile number.

How Can I Know My Airtel UPI ID?

You’ll need to download the Airtel Thanks app to obtain Airtel UPI ID. Your phone number and bank account are connected to your UPI ID. The method for signing up for UPI as a merchant is the same.

Can I Change My Mobile Number In Airtel Payment Bank?

Request a ‘KYC Details Change Form’ from your Manager or Bank Executive, which is essential for altering your registered mobile number. Complete the KYC Details Change Form. You must provide the following information: Your bank account information, such as account number, account holder’s name, account type, and so on.

Hope, after reading this complete guide you are able to check Airtel payment balance. If still, you have any queries, feel free to ask from the Airtel customer support care center.

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