BSNL Balance Transfer USSD Code [Number for Prepaid Users]

In our previous articles, we have mentioned ways to check BSNL main account balance or BSNL data balance. However, after knowing about your BSNL balance, most of you might be wondering how to transfer BSNL balance.

Well, BSNL provides some BSNL Balance Transfer USSD Code that can be used for transferring the balance. It is very easy to use these codes and any BSNL user can use them. Here, we have mentioned these codes along with the BSNL data transfer USSD code.

We have also mentioned the ways of using these codes. So, without wasting any time, let’s deep dive into this article for knowing about these BSNL USSD codes.

BSNL Prepaid Balance Transfer USSD Code

BSNL allows its users to transfer the main account balance of one number to another number. For this, you have to just use BSNL Balance Transfer Code.

However, this can only be done only if both the users are BSNL prepaid users. If you are a BSNL user then these steps can help you a lot in case of emergencies. Below we have outlined the ways for transferring various kinds of BSNL balances:

BSNL to BSNL balance transfer USSD Code

This is a unique service that can help you in case of emergencies by allowing you to transfer BSNL to BSNL balance. The BSNL to BSNL balance transfer USSD code is *567*99#. In case if this code doesn’t work then you can use the other code *543*99#.

So, these are the two BSNL balance transfer code that you can use for transferring your balance between two BSNL numbers.

How to transfer BSNL main balance?

It is very easy to use BSNL transfer code for transferring fund between two BSNL numbers. For this, you have to just go through the following steps:

  1. First, open your calling app, and dial the above mentioned BSNL transfer number.
  2. Now, type the amount that you want to transfer.
  3. After that, you will some receive some instruction.
  4. Follow all those instruction and this will help you to transfer the BSNL main account balance.

So, these are the easy steps that a user has to follow for transferring the BSNL account balance to any other BSNL prepaid number. Below we have discussed one of the most searched query that whether you can transfer BSNL net balance or not.

How can I transfer BSNL net balance?

The above-mentioned code can help you in transferring the main account balance. However, BSNL has not yet started the service of transferring the data balance.

So, there is not any BSNL net balance transfer code. However, many other websites claim to provide BSNL data transfer USSD code. We tried almost all of those codes and none of them was found to be working.

In the further section, we have outlined the terms that a user should meet for using the BSNL balance transfer number or code.

Criteria for transferring BSNL balance

BSNL allows users to initiate BSNL to BSNL balance transfer. However, this service is not free to everyone and there are certain criteria that one should meet for availing of this service. We have mentioned all those necessary points here:

  1. Balance can be transferred only between Rs. 10 to Rs. 200. In some special circumstances, you can also transfer a higher amount than Rs. 200.
  2. The transferer should be using the BSNL number for at least 5 months. A user using a BSNL number for a period of fewer than 5 months won’t be able to enjoy this service.
  3. The receiver should be using the BSNL number for at least 30 days. So, if you are using the BSNL number for more than a month then you are eligible to receive the balance from another BSNL user.
  4. Transfer can only be initiated between BSNL prepaid users.
  5. This service can only be availed only once a day. This means that in a period of 24 hours, you can initiate a fund transfer only one time.

BSNL Balance Transfer USSD Code

Here, you can have a quick summary of all the major points that we have discussed in this article of BSNL Balance transfer number:

BSNL USSD Code for Balance Transfer*567*99# and *543*99#
BSNL Balance Transfer LimitRs. 10 to Rs. 200
Daily Transfer LimitOnce a day
OperatorsBSNL to BSNL
TransfererFor 5 months
ReceiverFor 30 days

How can I transfer BSNL net balance?

Currently, BSNL doesn’t provide any service to transfer the net balance. However, you can transfer the main account balance and the steps for the same are mentioned in this article.

Can I Transfer BSNL Balance?

Yes, you can transfer BSNL balance between two BSNL number without any worry.

Can I transfer BSNL balance to Jio?

No, this service is only valid to BSNL users and you can only transfer balance between the BSNL prepaid numbers.

What are the BSNL balance transfer charges?

The balance transfer service provided by BSNL is not free. For initiating this transfer, a user will be charged either 10% of the transferred amount or Rs. 3 whichever is lower.

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