BSNL Offer Check Code 2024

Before recharging with any of the BSNL plans, it is always better to check the latest plans and deals. This will not only help you to get exciting deals but will also help you to save a lot of money. That’s why here we will tell you about the BSNL offer check code and number. Using this code will help you to know about all the latest deals and offers related to the BSNL.

What Is The BSNL Offer Check Number? 

The BSNL best offer code is *124#. Using this number will help you to check all the latest deals and offers related to the BSNL recharge plans. You can find a suitable plan of your choice just by dialing this number.

BSNL Offer Check Code*124#

Different BSNL Recharge Offer Check Number

There are different BSNL best offer code provided by available that you can use to check the latest offers regarding different services of BSNL. These are as follows:

Check Offers For All Latest BSNL Prepaid Offers

To check all the prepaid offers, you just need to dial the BSNL recharge offer check number *444#.

Get List Off All BSNL Special Tariff Vouchers

To check all the STVs of BSNL, you should dial the BSNL USSD codes for offers *121*1#. This code will provide you with the complete list of all the special tariff vouchers of BSNL.

BSNL USSD Codes For Offers Related To SMS

If want to check all the offered related to the SMS recharge then you should dial BSNL best offer code *124*3#. This will display all the best offers related to SMS pack.

Check BSNL Net Balance Offers

The net balance offers related offers of BSNL can be seen by dialing the code *444#. This will provide you with all the net pack offers of BSNL.

Steps To Use The BSNL Offer Check Code

To use any of the BSNL plan check number that we have provided above, you just need to open your phone’s calling app. After this, just dial any of the above provided number according to your number. This will display the various BSNL special offer recharge plan for you. Now, select any plan and dial 1 for the recharge confirmation.

Major States In Which You Can Use BSNL Plan Check Number

These BSNL offer check code are available for everyone. The major states from which you can use these codes include Bihar, Tamilnadu, Odisha, Jharkhand, Kereal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc.

Can I Check BSNL Latest Offers Through SMS?

Yes, you can also check all the latest BSNL recharge offers through SMS. For this, you just need to send an SMS with body “OFFER” to 53733. Soon, you will receive an SMS containing all the latest BSNL recharge offers.

Is It Safe To Use The BSNL USSD Codes For Offers?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the BSNL offer check code. Using this code will help you to find all the latest BSNL deals and offers.

What Is The Charge To Use BSNL Offer Check Code?

It is completely free to use the BSNL recharge offer check number. To use this code, you don’t need to pay even a single penny.

What Is The BSNL Offer Check Code Bihar?

The BSNL USSD codes for offers for all the users of Bihar is *124#. With the help of this code, you can check all the latest offers related to your BSNL prepaid SIM.

Can I Check Offers For Postpaid Number Using BSNL Offer Check Number?

No, all the offer codes of BSNL that we have provided above are available for only prepaid number.

If you are a Jio user then you can use the Jio offer check code or if you are an Airtel user then you can check out Airtel offers number to find all the latest offers.

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