Deactivate / Activate Idea DND Service in Simple Steps

Constantly you may have noticed that the network operator sends promotional calls and SMS to your phone number on a daily basis. These promotional SMS and call alerts are very inconvenient and irritating sometime. To get rid off with spam call or messages you need to Activate Idea DND Service (Here – DND stand for DO Not Disturb).

Due to these many promotional SMS, mobile inbox fills up quickly, and deleting spam messages becomes annoying. So, If you don’t want to stop receiving any of the promotional or spam calls and SMS on your Vodafone Idea (VI) number, simply activate the DND (Do Not Disturb) service to block all unwanted calls and SMS.

DND Service for Idea mobiles

There are two types of DND Idea Number Activation:

Fully blocked: all commercial telecommunications will be blocked under this option.

Partially blocked: In this option, it would ban or block all commercial voice calls, but you can still opt to accept promotional SMS messages in selected categories that will be identified as Preferences.

DND Preference categories for Idea mobiles

The telecom network provider sends promotional messages on the following topics; you can choose to block all promotional messages or set a preference.

0 – Fully Blocked

1 – Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards

2 – Real Estate

3 – Education

4 – Health

5 – Consumer goods and automobiles

6 – Idea Products & Services/Communication/Broadcasting/ Entertainment/IT

7 – Tourism and Leisure

How to Activate Idea DND Service?

To activate or deactivate the Idea DND service on your phone, simply follow the steps outlined below.

To block all promotional messages and spam calls on the Idea phone number, You just need to Type Text SMS “START 0″ and send it to 1909 from your Idea number (from which you need to stop DND service).

If you choose to block advertising messages and spam calls from a particular category, Send the message to 1909 by typing text SMS “START <Option>” to register your preference for receiving only certain categories. You can also register by calling dedicated IVR at 1909 from your Idea mobile phone.

CategorySend SMS Message to 1909
0 – Fully blockedSTART 0
1 – To stop receiving SMS relating to Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards (Partially Blocked)START 1
2 – To stop receiving SMS relating to Real EstateSTART 2
3 – To stop receiving SMS relating to EducationSTART 3
4 – To stop receiving SMS relating to HealthSTART 4
5 – To stop receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and automobilesSTART 5
6 – To stop receiving SMS relating to Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / ITSTART 6
7 – To stop receiving SMS relating to Tourism and LeisureSTART 7

You can also choose more than one category to stop Idea DND Service. SMS “START 1,2,3” to 1909, for example:- You need to block some category of call, of 2,5,6 then, you need to send the text message “STOP 2,5,6” to 1909.

Within 7 days of registering, promotional calls and spam messages will be stopped on your Idea mobile phone. You will receive a unique reference number, via SMS, for your records, or you can either follow the connection to enable the Idea DND service from the website.

How to deactivate DND in Mobile Idea?

To deactivate DND in Idea Mobiles and restart commercial calls or SMS messages, you need to type text SMS “STOP” and send it to 1909.

This is how you can simply Activate and Deactivate Idea DND Service.

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