How To Deactivate Vodafone Caller Tune?

Most people love to have a caller tune on their phone number, but if you have an old caller tune and now you wanted to stop or deactivate the caller tune in Vodafone Number. We will show you in this article how to deactivate vodafone caller tune.

People are impressed by mobile caller tunes. It replaces the dull “Tring-Tring” bell with your favourite song as the caller tune. It comes with a monthly fee of around Rs 30 that covers 30 days of service.

However, if caller tune has started automatically or by mistake in your Vodafone mobile number.

So, if you’re facing this trouble and want to get rid of the caller tune or deactivate Vodafone caller tune, you should have to follow take these simple steps. By which you can quickly delete or deactivate the caller tune in Vodafone. So let’s get started.

How to deactivate Vodafone Caller Tune in Prepaid number?

In Vodafone, there are two ways to deactivate caller tune in Vodafone Prepaid phone number. The first method by “SMS” and another way is “toll-free number”.

Deactivate Caller Tune of Vodafone Prepaid Number by SMS

To deactivate caller tune in Vodafone for prepaid number, simply send SMS “CANCT” to “144” number. Within 15 minutes of sending this SMS to 144, your subscription will be deactivated or in some cases to cancel the subscription may take time period of 24 hours, to deactivate the Vodafone caller tune.

Deactivate Caller Tune of Vodafone Prepaid Number by Toll-Free Number

To deactivate caller tune service in Vodafone prepaid number, simply dial “22622” toll-free number from your registered Vodafone number.

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How to Deactivate Vodafone Caller Tune in Postpaid Number?

If you are looking for a way to stop to deactivate the caller tune on a Vodafone postpaid phone number, you can use any one way out of these 2 ways to stop Vodafone caller tune song service.

  1. SMS
  2. Toll-Free Number

Deactivate caller tune in Vodafone Postpaid Number by SMS

To deactivate the caller tune in a Vodafone postpaid number, simply send text SMS “CAN CT” to “111”. Within 15 minutes, your Vodafone caller tune service will be deactivated. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours to deactivate the Vodafone caller tune. So, pls be patient if once you have this text message.

Deactivate caller tune in Vodafone Postpaid Number through Toll-Free Number

To deactivate the caller ringtone or tune, you need to dial  “22622” a toll-free number from your Vodafone postpaid number. This is the way by which you can deactivate Vodafone caller tune in your postpaid number.

How Much Time it Take to Deactivate Caller Tune?

To deactivate or stop ringtone in Vodafone you need to call a toll-free number or can send text message as discussed above. It may at least 15 minutes to deactivate Vodafone caller tune ringtone after sending an SMS message to do so. But in some cases, deactivating the Vodafone caller tune can take up to 24 hours. So, don’t be in hurry. Please wait for 24 hours to deactivating the caller tune service. Once the ringtone service is stopped, you will receive a confirmation SMS that your caller ringtone service has been stopped on your Vodafone mobile number.

So, If you are fed up with the caller tunes service, simply follow these ways to stop Vodafone ringtones.

Important Notice to De-Activate VI Caller Tune:

But After the merger of Vodafone and Idea, The above method may not be useful. So, you can try this simple and easiest method to deactivate caller tune service.

Just send the text SMS message “STOP” to 155223 to stop or deactivate Vi caller tune on your phone. You can also contact Vodafone customer support if you need any kind of help.

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