EPREBILL Airtel – My Airtel Call History Check Online Number Code

If you want to check the airtel call history (who you called, when you called, and for how long), you can check with simple trick. This is a detailed guide to check the Airtel call history of your mobile numbers in India.

We have discussed below some methods, by which you can use to check any Airtel number’s call history for free. It makes no difference whether you have a postpaid or prepaid mobile number.

So, if you want to get the incoming and outgoing call logs for any Airtel number, this post is for you.

Airtel Call History Check Online by SMS

You need to send an SMS to 121 with the text EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME<space>YOUR EMAIL ID.

For example. To get Airtel call history details of  MARCH Month, Then type in this way: EPREBILL MARCH Youremail@GMAIL.COM to 121.

After that, Airtel will give you a confirmation message and you got an email shortly with your Airtel Call History.

Airtel Call Details History Check Online PostPaid

You don’t have to write your email address if you had an Airtel postpaid number. Simply text EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME to 121.

for example- Send a message like this EPREBILL MARCH to 121.

Within a few minutes, Airtel will send you a confirmation message for their user to check Airtel call search.

Get Last Three Call History on Airtel

Dial *121# from your Airtel mobile number and choose the call history option to get the last three call history. That all you have to do. It is the most simplest way to know the Airtel call history. You will get an SMS with your last three call records of Airtel within few minutes.

You may also reach out to the Airtel customer service team to obtain call information for every Airtel mobile number at any time.

Airtel Call History Check By Customer Care

If somehow these above methods can’t be use in your smartphone, then you can contact Airtel customer care to get my Airtel call history.

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