Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2024 – How To Activate Fidelity Transfer Code

Are you a customer of Fidelity bank and searching for a way to transfer your money from your Fidelity account? If yes then the Fidelity bank transfer code is here by which anyone can send their money to a Fidelity account easily.

There are various ways by which you can do it but using the transfer code for Fidelity bank is the best option. This bank USSD code can be used by anyone with the help of their mobile to transfer Fidelity account money from one Fidelity account to another.

What Is Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2024?

The Fidelity transfer code is *770# by which you can easily transfer your Fidelity account money. This is the best way by which you can transfer money from a Fidelity account.

However, there are also other ways available by which you can transfer your Fidelity money. But using the Fidelity bank code for transfer is the best way.

Benefits Of USSD Code For Fidelity Bank Transfer

There are various features of the Fidelity USSD code for transfer that you can read below here:

  • This code is used by subscribers of Airtel, 9mobil, GLO, and MTN.
  • The daily bill payment limit is N20,000.
  • Available for 24 hours.
  • The money will directly get deducted from the FIDELITY account.
  • The maximum fund transfer limit is N20,000 per transfer.
  • Daily Fidelity fund transfer is N100,000 per day.
  • Mobile data is not required.
  • Safe, trustful, and easy.
  • Transactions are done in seconds.

How Do I Activate My Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2024?

To active the Fidelity bank transfer USSD code you have to follow some steps that we have mentioned here:

  • Dial Fidelity Transfer code *770#.
  • Fill in your account number.
  • Create your pin code.
  • Confirm pin code.
  • You will have to provide an alternative phone number.
  • Press “0” if don’t available.
  • Enter your pin.
  • Press the enter button.

Once you tap on the enter button then it will submit your request to the portal and all the Fidelity bank transfer code services will be available for you.

How To Send Money With Code To Transfer Money From Fidelity Bank?

To send money by using the Fidelity transfer code you have to dial *770Account Number amount#. For example, if you want to send N5000 to a bank holder with account number 1234, dial *770 account number *5000#.

After this, you will ask to choose the account name of the beneficiary and confirm all the details. Now, the money will get transferred from your Fidelity account to the beneficiary account instantly.

Keep one thing in mind you have to dial the Fidelity bank transfer code without giving spacing anywhere.

How Many Times A Day I Can Use USSD Code For Fidelity Bank Transfer?

There is no limit mentioned by the company for the use of transfer code for Fidelity bank Nigeria. But the maximum amount you can transfer from your Fidelity account is N100,000. You can send only N20,000 per transaction to another Fidelity account holder.

Is Using Fidelity Bank Transfer Code on Phone Safe?

Yes, using the code to transfer money from Fidelity bank is safe to use on your phone or any mobile you have. This USSD code is specially announced by the Fidelity bank itself and you can use it without hesitating a bit.

However, while creating a Fidelity account keep one thing in mind you must not share your pin code with anyone.

What Is The Charge For Using Fidelity Transfer Code 2024?

You will have to pay N50 for each transfer you will do by using the transfer code Fidelity bank. This is the fee charged by Fidelity company for using their services by their customers.

The Fidelity company charges differently for their services and you can have a look at them all on this page. (

How Do I Do Mobile Transfer With Fidelity Bank?

To do a mobile transfer with your Fidelity bank you can follow the instructions mentioned here:

  • Dial *770#
  • Press 1 according to the IVR command.
  • Now enter your Fidelity account number.
  • Fill in your Fidelity PIN code or create a new one.
  • Now you can do mobile transfers with your Fidelity bank account.

How Do I Transfer Money From My Fidelity Account To My Mobile?

To transfer from your Fidelity account dial *770Account Number amount# on your phone without putting any spacing.

Is Fidelity Bank Transfer Code Really Working Or Not?

The code for transfer in Fidelity bank is active now and you can use it to transfer money from your Fidelity bank account.

What Is Fidelity USSD Transfer Code 2024?

The Fidelity mobile transfer code is *770# by which you can do mobile banking with your Fidelity account.

You can also check the UBA USSD Code and Polaris Bank Transfer Code on our site if any of your closed ones have an account in these famous banks.

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