Glo Yakata Code List 2024 [Balance Check USSD Code]

Are you looking for the Glo Yakata codes? Well, if you are using the Glo Yakata services or to switch to the same then you might need the code for Glo Yakata. That’s why here we will provide you with the complete list of all Glo Yakata USSD codes. Using these codes will help you to figure out various things related to your Yakata network of Glo.

What Is Glo Yakata Code 2024?

One of the major Glo Yakata code is #124*1#. Using this code will help all the Glo Yakata users to fetch out their main account balance. Apart from this code, there are some other codes to Glo too that you can use to easily know various aspects of your Glo account. We have mentioned all these Glo Yakata USSD codes in the further parts.

List Of All Code For Glo Yakata Plan 2024

There are various types of USSD codes that are officially provided by Glo that you can use to easily avail of various services. These codes of Glo Yakata are as follows:

Glo Yakata Code Migration

The code to migrate to Glo Yakata is *230#. With the help of this code, you can easily switch your existing Glo plan to the Glo Yakata.

Glo Yakata Activation Code 2024

To activate a new Glo subscription, you just need to dial *455#. This will help you to subscribe to the services of Glo Yakata.

Glo Yakata Bundle Code 2024

You can also subscribe to the data bundle plans of Glo Yakata to enjoy uninterrupted services. For this, you need to use the Glo Yakata data plan code x220#. However, to use these services, you need to be a tariff user of Glo.

Glo Yakata Balance Check Code

If you want to check the main account balance of your Glo Yakata number then you just need to dial #124*1#. This will display the main Talktime balance of your SIM card. Also, you can check your data and SMS balance through the following codes:

Glo Yakata Data Plan Code 2024

To check the internet balance of your Glo Yakata network, you can use the code *220*1#. This code will display the total net used by you along with your currently remaining net balance.

Glo Yakata SMS Balance Check Code 2024

To check your SMS balance, just dial the Glo Yakata USSD code *127*0#. This code will display the remaining SMS balance of your Glo Yakata SIM card.

Code For Glo Yakata Bonus

*230*1# is the code that you can use to check your call bonus. Apart from this, you can also check all other bonuses of your Glo Yakata with the help of this code.

Glo Yakata Recharge Code

The recharge code of Glo Yakata SIM card is *455#. With the help of this code, you can recharge with any type of scratch card of Glo. So, if you are using a scratch to recharge your Glo Yakata SIM card then use these codes.

Code To Check Glo Yakata Airtime Bonus

To check the Airtime bonus of your Glo Yakata SIM card, you can simply dial the USSD code *230*1# from your phone.

Glo Yakata Data Subscription Code

If you want to subscribe to the Glo Yakata then you might need its subscription code. The Glo Yakata data subscription code is *230# that you can apply to use its internet services.

How To Use The Glo Yakata USSD Code 2024?

It is very easy to use the Glo Yakata codes that we have mentioned above. For this, you just need to go through the following steps:

  1. Open your phone’s calling app.
  2. There, dial any of the Glo Yakata USSD codes that we have provided above.
  3. Using this code will display a flash message on your screen containing the information that you want.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow to use the USSD code of Glo Yakata. It is suggested to note down the information displayed in your screen as it won’t be saved on your device.

How To Migrate To Glo Yakata?

It is very easy to subscribe to Glo Yakata and both old and new customers can start using its services. If you are a new user then you just need to purchase a new SIM card and register to Glo Yakata to start using its service.

However, if you are an existing user then you need to dial *455# and follow further instructions. This will help you to recharge with Glo Yakata plans and enjoy its services.

Is Glo Yakata Services Good?

Yes, Glo is one of the most popular and trusted telecom brands in Nigeria. It is known for offering amazing services.

Do I Need To Pay Charge To Use Glo Yakata Codes?

No, all the codes that we have shared above are completely free to use. You don’t need to pay a single penny to use them.

You can check out what is the Glo balance code if you are using the services of Glo telecom provider.

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