How To Activate/Deactivate Missed Call Alert in Airtel

Airtel missed call alert allows you to get notification of every missed call via the message. It works when the phone is switched off or out of the coverage area for any reason. Airtel missed call alert notifies information about who tried to call you at what time when your Airtel number is unavailable. This service is free for the first 30-days and if you still don’t have it then don’t worry. 

Here is a complete way for How to activate missed call alert Airtel which makes it so simple to get this service. You can also deactivate the airtel missed call alert after a free 30-day trial which costs nothing to you.

How to Activate Airtel Missed Call Alert With IVR

You can activate Airtel missed call alert service through two ways or methods. Either you can use the IVR method or the Airtel USSD code method to activate it. As we have mentioned above that the Airtel missed call alert is free for 30-days if you are using it for the first time. After that, it will cost Rs.30 on monthly basis. 

To enable Airtel missed call alert, dial aToll-Free Number 59500” from your Airtel mobile number. After that, just follow the IVR instructions to activate this service on your Airtel number.

How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Airtel With USSD Code

You can also use the Airtel missed call alert USSD Code to activate this service on your Airtel number. Just follow these simple steps and it will be easy as making a piece of bread for you.

  1. Dial *321*800# from your Airtel mobile number
  2. Wait 2 Minutes for confirmation SMS
  3. Enjoy your Airtel miss call alert service

How to Deactivate Airtel Missed Call Alert

Deactivating Airtel missed call alert service can be so easy for you. The company also gives you 2 options to deactivate missed call alert on Airtel. Whether you choose the IVR or USSD code method it will be faster than your thoughts to deactivate this service. 

Deactivate Airtel Missed Call Airtel Via IVR Number

Disable Airtel alert service through IVR: You just have to follow the same IVR instruction to deactivate this service. Just dial 59500 from your Airtel number it will be deactivated by Airtel company on your number. 

Stop Airtel Missed Call Alert Through Quick Code

Disable Airtel alert service through USSD code: For deactivation of Airtel missed call alert service from your number you can use *321*883# USSD code. It will send a single to your Airtel company to disable your service as soon as possible from your number. 

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There are three ways to check the last 5 missed calls in Airtel number. It can be done by using USSD codes, my Airtel application, or calling customer care service. 

How can I check last 5 missed calls in Airtel?

To check the last 5 miss call on the Airtel number by USSD code you have to dial *121*7# from your device. You can also use the Airtel Thanks application to check your last call history. According to us, it is the best option that you can choose from all. You have to follow these simple steps to see your last 5 call history:

Steps to check Airtel last 5 missed calls:

  • First, download and open the Airtel Thanks app on your device. (From Google Play Store/Apple Store)
  • Open the application and fill in your Airtel mobile number.
  • Verify your identity by filling received OTP on your phone. 
  • Now, go to settings >> My Account >> Last Five Calls
  • You will get an SMS with the Last missed call or call details. 

The last and the most complex method is to contact Airtel Customer Care representatives to get the last 5 call details. You can dial the universal customer care number 198 to connect to the Airtel customer care center.

You can also get the last balance deduction and last 3 recharges information by telling it to the customer care representative.

Can I Get A Free Missed Call Alert In Airtel?

As of now, Airtel has not any free service for missed call alerts. You have to pay Rs30 every month to get Airtel missed call alert service on your number. But at the current, some of the telecom companies provide their users a lifetime free missed call alert service.

FAQs About – Activate and deactivate Airtel missed call alert service

How to activate Airtel missed call alert?

You can activate your Airtel miss call alert by using *321*881# or 321*885# ussd code or by its toll-free number 59500.

What is Airtel free missed call free alert bd?

Its is a free service to get missed call alert service on your Airtel number without paying a single penny.

What is Airtel missed call alert service?

With Airtel missed call services you will get notification of every call you missed due to your phone switched off.

Is there any USSD code to activate Airtel Missed call service?

By dialing *321*800 Airtel missed call alert USSD code you can activate this service easily on your number.

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